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How Does Fiber-Optic Internet Work?

While the economy of the country resurges from the coronavirus, there are many that are shifting to new areas. The folks that got back to their hometowns after getting laid off during the lockdowns are looking to move to new places where they got new occupations. On the other hand, businesses are in search of newer office spaces too as they call their workers back to offices from remote work. As so many people move, there are many that are having to make a decision on which internet service provider (ISP) to choose.

Fiber-optic technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. This is because it provides speeds much faster than the ones offered by other internet technologies such as cable and DSL. In fact, these speeds often max out at thousands of MBs per second. Here’s the best part: fiber internet isn’t even that expensive compared to other types of internet. Because of all of these features, many who are choosing an ISP look at the different ISPs’ provision of fiber internet.

In this piece, we tell you about the different providers of fiber-optic internet so you have a better idea about the market.


There are few companies as established as Xfinity in the internet provision world. The company, as the name suggests, offers the fastest speeds out of all providers through its various Xfinity packages. Not only is the internet high-speed but it is also reliable. Xfinity’s WiFi system, the xFi Gateway, has been improved over time to the point where it is able to ensure that the whole building is covered with the WiFi network and each of the rooms in it receives consistent coverage. Finally, Xfinity also provides all its subscribers with advanced security at zero cost. This is to ensure that only you know about all the messages you have sent and all the searches you have made.


Along with Xfinity, AT & T also acts as a dominating force in the internet market. Though it began providing only cellular services, it has since expanded its horizons to offer the world television and internet services, including the ones provided using fiber-optic lines. In fact, to save your costs you can bundle up AT&T’s internet with its television.


Spectrum is yet another reliable option you have when it comes ISPs. Like its competitors, it can also provide very fast internet speeds of up to thousands of MBs per second. Besides, you get free antivirus software and internet modem as subscribers to Spectrum internet. In the case that you are fearful of the negative impact the internet can have on your kids, you will be glad to know that Spectrum allows parents to restrict how their children can use the global network.


The ISP, Cox, might not be as famous as the ones mentioned above. However, because of its stand-out features, it is definitely worth giving consideration to. In a regularly frequented public area, you can easily connect to the Cox Wifi Hotspot Network instead of using up valuable data. Besides, Cox Panoramic WiFi allows for the seamless management of multiple accounts via a single dashboard. Last but not the least, the company also prides itself on its data security system.


An ISP that can truly claim to be the internet provider of the rural populace is Frontier. We say this because Frontier only served people of the rural areas at its start. Slowly, it broadened its target market to include urban areas as well. Even though it currently only provides fiber services in large cities, one can expect Frontier to be the first ISP to bring fiber internet to villages.


Optimum is yet another ISP that provides fiber internet to its subscribers. One of its stand-out features is its smart WiFi. Through this service, subscribers can get consistent internet coverage throughout their entire building. Thus, the room farthest from the router can also have reliably fast internet. One thing that is a bummer about Optimum is that it is not available in all fifty states. If you want to know whether Optimum is available in your town, go to their website or call its customer service line. From there, you can also find out when the ISP plans to expand itself to your city if it has not already done so.


We hope this piece has helped you get a better picture of how fiber internet works in the United States. We will be lying if we say that the information given above is all that there is to know – the fiber internet market keeps getting disrupted because of new entrants from time to time. We wish you the best of luck with the internet and everything else this year!

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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