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How Does Solar Work?

Solar Panel Systems Explained

Solar power is a method of providing power to a home or business by sourcing energy from the sun. It can reduce power bills, or even make them obsolete. The solar panels gather heat and energy from the sun and it runs through the wiring to the converter and then to the battery before being passed into the home through the regular household wiring. In some locations excess power that is created can be fed back through the local electrical grid and may even create a credit on the power bill for the home.

Solar panel systems are made up of the panels, the converter, and the battery. It is hard wired into the home’s electrical system and power flows from the battery to the outlets and devices in the home. The panels are wired to a converter that changes the power into a version that can be used in the home, and then it passes into the battery or batteries. Once it has arrived in the battery for storage, it remains until a device in the home is turned on and begins to pull power from the system.

As the sun is not always out, there needs to be battery storage and businesses may find that they require a few batteries to store enough power, while many homes will only need one. The panels will create more power than is used during the day, and this allows the battery to be charged for use overnight and on days of rain or other weather.

If the battery is full and there is still more power being created than there is being consumed it may be moved back through the electrical grid of the community. It is possible for homes to be “off the grid” which removes the connection between the home and the electrical grid. Places that do not have enough sun or homes that do not have the ability to store the batteries for the off hours, it is possible to remain both attached to the electrical grid and supplement with solar power.

Why You Should Consider a Solar System

Having a solar system protects the home or business from outages in the electrical grid from the surrounding cities or towns, as well as saves money on the power consumption. Once the investment is made and the system is functional, it will reduce the power that is used from the city supply and the bill will be reduced. Many solar power systems can earn back the money invested within a year or two. They require little maintenance beyond cleaning once or twice a year, and they will crack rarely as they are created to withstand regular weather. This results in a monthly saving on utility bills as well as helps reduce the impact of that home upon the environment.

Companies like mdb solar are able to help design and provide the right solar system for any home or business. From installation to maintenance and repair, they are able to care for all of your solar panels and the needs of the solar power system.

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