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How Mixed Reality (MR) is utilized in Industry 4.0?

Mixed Reality is among the fastest-growing innovations that is being extensively embraced by lots of manufacturers in the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process, as technology has played an essential role in sustaining all operations associated with a running plant or factory.

It is no longer a technology that is used to boost a company’s total competitiveness in the market, but a necessary one for sustainable success. MR has deemed an enhanced version of AR that offers an immersive experience for its users. MR applications incorporate the physical experience of a user with digital properties and provide a unified experience that fulfils the company’s desired goals. MR finds applications in all areas beginning with design, operations, upkeep, customer support and marketing. The development in computing technologies and support from market majors have accelerated the use and popularity of Mixed Reality in Industry 4.0.

The cooperation, review and completion of styles have been speeded up by MR as it unites numerous users, experts, and engineers on a typical application. Ideas and feedback are quickly communicated, understood, discussed, and completed quicker than any standard method. The greatest advantage has been cost savings in expense, effort, and time. The originality of MR is its capability to map the user’s environment accurately, recognizing the different aspects and making it interactive with simulations. The value created is data, insight, and experimentation with absolutely no effect that aids with the design and other procedures. There are numerous Mixed Reality applications that can be tailored to the specific usage case in every industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made markets turn towards increased digitalization. While the profusion of Zoom meetings seems to be the obvious and visible impact of the pandemic, there are far more potent applications that have been developed. Among the most important ones is offering remote support from professionals and specialists with the help of mixed reality headsets. Newer and more advanced headsets are offered now for enhanced use of MR applications. In case of a plant shutdown due to machinery breakdown, knowledge is needed to discover the origin and implement the fix. With numerous crores in lost revenue, companies wish to accelerate this procedure and bring back operations. Guidance and guidelines are digitally provided in real-time to the worksite from the expert to the work crew at the website. MR makes it possible to overlay the live data, design info, specification etc. which helps with faster decisions and much better outcomes.

The future of MR is amazing. To map use cases and help companies with their digitalization goals, the aid of skilled Mixed Reality companies is important. CEOS, CTOs and CFOs need to have the vision, abilities, and budget to make this possible. This applies to all industries under the sun, particularly those that are capital and labour intensive. There are numerous mixed reality service providers in India who have the know-how in technology and domain understanding to customize services. It is very important for companies to get on board with the release of mixed reality and end up being key players in their sectors.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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