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How to Cancel JazzCash Transaction in 2022 (100% Official Method)

After the latest JazzCash app updates, the most searched query in the Google search bar is “how to cancel JazzCash Transaction”? Do you know what is the updated JazzCash Payment Cancelation Code in 2022? Here we explored the methods by which you can easily cancel JazzCash transactions at any time from your JazzCash account.

Before starting the discussion on canceling JazzCash transactions methods, you must be known about the JazzCash, how does it work? So let’s take a look at what is JazzCash?

About JazzCash

JazzCash is an online transactions platform that works only in Pakistan for sending and receiving payments. With the help of the JazzCash platform, can transfer or receive payment from banks, EasyPaisa, and as well as Payoneer.

Yes, JazzCash also provides the facility to withdraw payments from the Payoneer account. You can easily withdraw payment within 5 minutes. Make sure you have a valid Payoneer and JazzCash account.

JazzCash Transaction Cancelation Code

According to the latest privacy and policies JazzCash, now you can easily cancel the JazzCash transaction within 30 minutes. Make sure you have requested to cancel the JazzCash payment within 30 minutes after the sending payment.

When you request to cancel the transaction, you will receive all payments that you sent. JazzCash provides payment cancelation services without any cost, you can use these services without paying any charges.

#1: Method

JazzCash transaction cancel code is *786*1*1*4#, enter the *786*1*1*4# JazzCash transaction code from your mobile dialer and press the okay button. Now you have successfully reversed your JazzCash payment.

Note: *786*1*1*4# cancelation code will work on both android and iPhone users, make sure you sent payment manually, not directly from the JazzCash app. If you sent the payment from the JazzCash app then you can’t cancel the transactions.

#2: Method

For the cancelation of the JazzCash transaction, dial 4444 from your Jazz number or 021-111-124-444 from any other number and inform the JazzCash helpline representative to cancel the transaction.

Note: Make sure you have enough balance to dial the calling on 4444, they charge Rs.0.60+Tax/call.

OperatorCancel JazzCash Transaction CodeChargesCancelation Time
JazzCash*786*1*1*4#Free30 Minutes
How to Cancel JazzCash transactions Manually
Cancel JazzCash Transaction Code

How to Cancel JazzCash transactions Manually?

You can easily cancel the transaction by dialing this code *786*1*1*4#, but if you want to cancel by manually way then follow the instruction mentioned below then you will be able to cancel the JazzCash payment:

  • Open the mobile dialer and type *786#
  • Then type #1 to enter the “Send Money” option and press on “Send” button
  • Now again type #1 to enter the “To mobile account” option and press the “Send” button
  • Then write #4 and press on “send” button for “cancel the transaction

Now you have successfully canceled the transaction, have you noticed? Manually and by *786*1*1*4# is the same thing. We recommend you use the *786*1*1*4# code to cancel the JazzCash transaction.

Terms and Conditions

Here we explored some terms and conditions for cancel of JazzCash transactions, make sure you follow and read the all terms and conditions mentioned below:

  • You must have a valid JazzCash account
  • Enter the cancelation code within 30 minutes after the transaction
  • JazzCash will not responsible after the 30 minutes
  • *786*1*1*4# code will only work when you use manually JazzCash account
  • Payment will not reserve when you sent it from the JazzCash app.

The benefit of JazzCash cancel transaction code

The basic purpose of JazzCash cancel transaction service keeps securing your money when you accidentally transfer the payment to unknown or incorrect accounts. With the help of JazzCash cancel transaction service, you can get easily refund your money.

FAQs about Cancel JazzCash Transaction

How to Cancel JazzCash transaction in 2022?

Dial *786*1*1*4# from the mobile dialer or call 4444 and do request to JazzCash representative to cancel the transaction. Make sure you get an action within 30 minutes. After this, you will be unable to refund your money.

Can we cancel the transaction from the JazzCash app?

No, you can’t cancel transactions sent from the JazzCash app. When you sent money via the JazzCash app, you can’t cancel it manually. So we recommend you to contact with JazzCash helpline by calling 4444.

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