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How to Choose a Great Cosmetic Surgeon?

Cosmetic surgery involves changing your body for aesthetic purposes. Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon can be daunting, but it is vital to ensure you get the desired results.

To help ease your decision-making process, here are tips for selecting a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Look Into Credentials

Research accredited professional organizations such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to ensure your cosmetic surgeon has the qualifications and experience necessary to perform the procedure you are interested in. Other credentials to look out for include state medical licenses and board certifications.

Check Reviews

Read online reviews from other patients who have undergone the same procedure with your potential surgeon to get an idea of their experience. Reviews can also provide insight into a doctor’s bedside manner, post-operative care, and follow-up services.

Talk to previous patients about their experience with the cosmetic surgeon, including how satisfied they were with the outcome of their procedures. For instance, if you want to get a facelift by Dr. Andrew Jacono, ask people who have already seen him for a facelift procedure about their experiences.

Research Before and After Photos

Ask the cosmetic surgeon for before and after photos of past patients that have undergone similar procedures. This can help give you an idea of what kind of results you can expect from a particular doctor.

When choosing a doctor, look for natural-looking results. Avoid cosmetic surgeons who offer unrealistic results, pressure you to make decisions without providing enough information, or are unwilling to answer your questions about procedures.

Ask for Referrals

Ask family and friends if they can provide personal recommendations for a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Referrals can provide useful insight into a doctor’s experience level and the quality of care they provide.

Ask Questions

Get clear answers to all your questions before making a decision. Ask the cosmetic surgeon about their experience performing the procedure you are interested in and any potential risks or side effects associated with it. Be sure to thoroughly discuss any medications you may need to take before and after surgery and anything else that may be relevant to your procedure.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with your chosen surgeon. Some important things to find out include how often they perform the procedure, what kind of follow-up care is offered, and what their policy is if something were to go wrong during or after the surgery.

Choose a Surgeon Who Fits Your Needs

Different cosmetic surgeons specialize in different types of surgeries, so make sure you select one who is experienced in your desired procedure.

Find Out About Safety Protocols

Ensure that the cosmetic surgeon adheres to strict safety protocols and is up-to-date on the latest medical technology. Ensure that the facility where the surgery will be performed is accredited and meets all safety regulations, like appropriate sanitation and sterilization techniques.

Inquire About Anesthesia

Ask the surgeon what type of anesthesia they use and discuss any health concerns you may have regarding it. For instance, if you suffer from a lung condition, find out if general anesthesia is safe for you.

Consider Your Budget

Make sure the cost of the surgery fits within your budget and that all potential fees are discussed beforehand. Discuss estimated costs with multiple cosmetic surgeons to get an idea of which one offers services that fit within your budget range. When pricing, consider whether the surgeon provides payment plans or accepts insurance.

Cosmetic surgery can be costly, so ensure you have a realistic budget when researching different surgeons and procedures. Insurance often does not cover cosmetic surgery, so be prepared to pay for the procedure out of pocket or explore financing options available through the surgeon’s office.

Seek a Second Opinion

If you still feel uncertain after researching credentials and discussing the procedure with the cosmetic surgeon, seek a second opinion. This can help ensure you make an informed decision before proceeding with surgery.


You deserve to feel confident and content with your appearance. Following these tips can help you make the right choice when selecting a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon best suited for your needs. With the right doctor, you can achieve beautiful results and restore your body and life balance.

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