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How to Choose the Best Business Card Paper

Paper selection, normally an inconsequential and mundane decision, is the most important choice you have when designing your business cards. The texture, thickness, color, and feel of your business card reflect you and your business to potential clients. You want the right balance of personality and professionality.

Check out this quick guide on how to choose the best business card paper to find that balance for yourself.

Business Card Paper Basics

If you are new to making business cards or unfamiliar with paper in general, the lingo might be unfamiliar and confusing for you. Trust us, we get it.

What is 14 point card stock or 100-pound glossy paper anyway? Here, we are going to break down these terms for you and how they’re used as business card paper.

100-Pound Glossy

A 100-pound glossy paper used in business cards is often regarded as the cheapest of the business card paper types. If you are printing a large number of cards on a budget, the 100-pound glossy paper stock is a great option.

This option is often seen used by businesses that leave their cards around town for potential customers to pick up. However, for individuals designing personal business cards, the 100-pound glossy stock is often considered tacky and unprofessional.

14 and 16-Point Cardstock

The point of a cardstock refers to its thickness. 14 and 16-point are the most common sizes of cardstock used in business cards.

The difference in these options is subtle yet defined. 14-point is thinner and cheaper, making it a decent cost-effective option. But, the subtle difference in thickness offers the slightly more expensive 16-point a more refined, professional feel.

Upgrade to Luxury Cardstock

The difference between 14 and 16-point business card paper stock can be seen in more luxury thickness options. At a higher price, you can opt to print your business cards on 18 and even 32-point cardstock.

These stock thickness options are luxury options and you should not feel pressured to choose them for that alone. Think about what you want your card to say about you.

If you’re a high-end hairstylist, your luxury card may impress your clients. But, if you’re a local auto mechanic, a fancy card may seem exclusionary.

Kraft 18 Point Cardstock

Kraft cardstock is a 100% recycled card option. Printed on eco-friendly paper, these business cards have an earthy tone that white ink looks lovely juxtaposed against.

If you’re concerned with sustainability, these cards are the perfect option. They keep your carbon footprint down while signaling to your customers your company’s environmental values.

Gloss, Designs, and More

If you want to make your business cards stand out, additions to your basic paper will shape your business’s unique personality.

The uncoated options allow you to feel the natural fiber of the paper. They also don’t have any sort of glare.

Gloss and design options are available on all sizes of business card paper stocks. A semi-gloss will add a professional flair to your cards without creating too much glare.

The linen or pearlescent option makes your business cards look and feel luxurious. In addition, gilded borders, and unique designs will help your business cards stand out, making an impact on your customers.

Make your business cards your own. You can select your business card paper, coating, and design options by using the Adobe business card app.

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Business card paper is just the tip of the iceberg to running a productive business. Check out the other posts on our website to learn more today!

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