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How To Prevent Clogged Drains

Everyone finds the kitchen sink clogged exactly when you get ready to make a big holiday feast, or the shower drain can’t be opened precisely when you have lodging guests from out of town. This is how every drain clogs unwind with the wrong sequence.  Although it is not possible to stop every drain clog from forming, there are steps you can take to prevent many of the more common types of clogs in the plumbing Atlanta system.


  • Clean Your Drain Stoppers Regularly

One of the most effective methods of preventing clogged drains in your bathroom sink and tub  without contacting a commercial plumber Atlanta is by cleaning your drain stoppers regularly. Hair and soap scum are prone to collecting in these stoppers, and they can slow down drainage over time and lead to full blockages in your drains.

  • Do Not Flush Anything Other Than Toilet Paper

It is also important to avoid flushing paper products or anything else down the toilet. Besides human waste, toilet paper is the only material that is suitable for flushing in a toilet. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid using excess paper as it can clog the toilet and potentially even the entire sewer system. This helps you reduce the cost of hiring a plumber in Atlanta.

  • Brush Your Hair Before Showering

Another way you can reduce the potential for clogged drains in your shower or bathtub is by brushing your hair prior to bathing. This helps remove loose hair and prevents it from clogging your shower drain.


Extra care and a bit of preventive maintenance can go a long way toward preventing kitchen sink clogs.

  • Keep Food Scraps Out of the Drain

If your sink is not equipped with a garbage disposal, it is important to prevent food scraps from making their way down the drain. You can purchase a drain strainer to help stop food from going into and blocking the drain.

  • Don’t Place Problematic Foods in Your Disposal

If your sink is equipped with a garbage disposal, avoid putting problematic foods such as egg shells, potato skins, coffee grounds, and banana peels in it. These foods do not grind well and can build up over time to create clogs.

  • Flush Your Kitchen Sink Drain Regularly With Hot Water

Once a week, pour a kettle full of hot water down the drain to help melt away any grease or fat that may have collected in the pipes. Pour it slowly to prevent the possibility of splashing.


Drain clogging is very common and it might happen from time to time even if you are quite careful. However you may as well get in touch with the best plumbing service around, for example, the professional and respected plumbers for consulting about draining trouble and fixing and for other water or sewage dilemma.

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