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How to Share Jazz Balance (Updated 2022)

This is a common thing you have a no balance on your Jazz network SIM. Undoubtley, we can share/transfer the balance from JazzCash, EasyPaisa or we can also purchase the Jazz balance card. But did you think? when we have no option what should we do? How do share Jazz balance?

So here we explored the way in which you can share/transfer balance Jazz to Jazz. But before going into the discussion you have known about the Jazz company and how does it work?

About Jazz Company

Jazz is a famous mobile data network provider company in Pakistan. The main headquarter is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan. We can also know the name “Mobilink”. Mobilink company was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between Saif Group and Motorola Inc.

After in February 2001, an Egypt-based company purchased Motorola’s shares in Jazz to become the majority shareholder with 69% control. After some years, Orascom purchased further shares from Said Group and become Jazz’s 100% owner.

How does it work?

Jazz is the latest mobile data network provider company in Pakistan that provides GSM mobile service all over Pakistan. Jazz company is one of the largest companies in Pakistan. It provides various call packages, internet services, and as well as money transfer facilities to its customers.

Jazz company allows its customers to transfer money through JazzCash. On the JazzCash platform, we can transfer money free of cost all over Pakistan, whether it’s JazzCash to JazzCash, JazzCash to EasyPasia, or JazzCash to local banks, all free.

How can I share balance from jazz to jazz?

For prepaid sharing balance Jazz to Jazz, open the mobile dialer, write *100*92Jazz valid number*Amount#, once you enter the okay button. You will see the confirmation flash message. You have to confirm it by pressing the #1 digit. Then click on okay.

Now you have done it and you have successfully shared the balance Jazz to Jazz. Make sure you have enough balance and ensure that you read all Jazz balance sharing instructions:

  • Open the mobile pad
  • Write *100* then insert the number that wants to share the balance* then enter the amount#
  • For example, (*100*92Jazz valid number*Amount#) or (*100*9230XXXXXXXX*500#)
  • Then you will receive a confirmation flash message, enter the #1 button to confirm the credit
  • Now you have done it and shared balance successfully.

Terms & Conditions

  • The charges will be Rs 4.77 + Tax/Transaction.
  • Minimum share limit Rs 15/Transaction
  • You can max share limit to Rs 500/Transaction.
  • Max amount transferred per day is Rs.500.
  • Jazz will not be responsible for any misuse of this service.

How to send Jazz balance share Request?

Jazz company also provides the balance share request facility to it, prepaid customers. You can now send a request from party B such as friends, and family members, and get a balance for free.

For Jazz prepaid balance request, dial *107# and enter the number (Party-B MSISDN) where want to get the balance. For example, *107# then enter the number “9230XXXXXXXX”.

Note: No hidden charges apply for this service. The deduction will be done from Party-B (sender of Jazz share amount).

Terms & Conditions

  • Party-A & Party-B should be prepaid customers
  • Party-A & Party-B should be allowed on relevant service classes and not be Dongle, Data SIM, etc
  • Party-B can receive 5 balance sharing requests in a day.

FAQs about Jazz Balance Share

How can I share balance from jazz to jazz?

Open the Mobile dialer, type *100*92Jazz valid number*Amount# then confirm the action by pressing 1 digit. The Rs 4.77 + Tax/Transaction charges will be applied.

What is the code of jazz balance share?

Jazz balance share code is (*100*92Jazz valid number*Amount#) or (*100*9230XXXXXXXX*500#). This is only an official Jazz balance sharing code.

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