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How to unlock a door without a key from the outside if I lost the Key

Locks are common in our daily life, basically are used every day in, usually use keys to open locks matching with, is match between the key and lock, is the son the lock key is lost carelessly, locks will not be able to use conventional methods to open, then lost how to open the lock son key? How to solve the abnormal problem of door lock?

How to unlock a door without a key

Use pliers

You can find a pliers, remove the lock head, can be opened, the process is more violent, disassembled lock cannot continue to use; You can find a professional unlocking company to unlock, there are certain security risks; If you have a regular lock, you can use a master key to open it. If you have an anti-theft lock, it won’t work. Or, you can use Lock Picking set to open the door, we will mention it in the following!

Pick a lock with hairpins

Hairpins are relatively common headgear in daily life, and it is difficult to associate them with unlocking tools. When watching costume films, you often see thieves use hairpins to unlock locks. Can hairpins really unlock locks in reality? Today, we will introduce the hairpin unlocking skills for you in detail, and interested friends come to learn it. Before learning the hairpin unlocking skills, we need to prepare two hairpins, because during the unlocking process, we need to use one of them to make a force pin for unlocking, and the other to make a single hook tool for unlocking . Although the method of using a hairpin to unlock is relatively simple, the process of making a hairpin unlocking tool is not easy. In the first step, we bent the tail of one of the prepared hairpins to make it easier to hold in hand, and the front end was knocked flat and slightly bent, so that the hairpin was used to make a simple unlocking single hook tool . The second step is to bend another prepared hairpin into a Z-shape or L-shape with tools such as pliers. Through simple bending processing, the hairpin becomes a force-applying pin that can be used in the unlocking process. . The third step is to find a simple one-word lock, use the prepared hairpin unlocking tool, and try to technically unlock the common type of one-word lock. First, use the force bezel to apply rotational force to the common slotted keyhole. Then use the single hook made of hairpin to open the lock, put it into the keyhole and pick the marble. The fourth step is to successfully open the common one-word lock with the cooperation of the unlocking tools made of two hairpins.

How to solve the abnormal problem of door lock

1, the door lock hair tight problem

At this time, many people will choose to drop a few drops of lubricating oil into the keyhole for lubrication. Indeed, the door lock will be smooth, but the oil will be sticky, and it is easy to accumulate some dust after the keyhole drops of oil, and finally the formation of oil and putty will affect the use of the door lock. Therefore, in the lock hair astringent hair tight into some pencil fragments, candles fragments, etc., more effective.

2, the door is not smooth

Locks open problems, generally not lock itself causes, use for a long time, probably door leaf’s own gravity lead to loose deformation, door leaf sinking and so on, by this time the lock will be very hard, don’t be to twist the key lock, otherwise it is easy to break off the key, the door frame or door leaf, to raise the first door leaf, Temporarily restore open the lock and then fix the deformation issue.

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