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IgAnony: Free Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader

Are you searching for an Instagram viewer tool with a feature to keep your ID hidden and provide saving stories and downloading options?

Then you arrived at the right place. In this post, we will discuss one such tool that is full of features and offers unlimited advantages for those who do not have an Instagram profile but still want to inquire about their loved one online activities.

Instagram Viewer:

Instagram viewers are online tools that help users view and analyze Instagram public accounts. These tools are accessible even without having an Instagram account.

Nearly all Instagram viewer tools are anonymous, meaning nobody will know you have visited their profile and downloaded their content.

IgAnony: what is IgAnony?

IgAnony is an Instagram story viewer and downloader that is easily accessible from your device and can be used to download and view Instagram profile content without registration and free of cost.

This is one of the popular Instagram viewers. Users can access it and use it in different languages. Using this tool is an easy job; there is only one essential requirement to use this tool effectively:

You must have the correct Instagram profile/ID of the person you want to visit. You will be able to see the number of followers, following, and number of posts.

What are the reasons behind IgAnony’s popularity? Facts:

Although there are numerous Instagram viewers, IgAnony is one of the most popular ones among them, and the following is the reason why this platform is popular.

  • with the best Instagram viewer quality, this online tool is also the best downloader. With the help of this tool, users can save their favourite content in different formats; videos can be downloaded in mp4 format, and images can be saved in JPEG format.
  • IgAnony has a friendly interface and is also a quick saver. As you enter the Instagram account address, in a few moments, you will see the complete details of the person’s number of posts, stories, IGtv, etc.
  • This application does not store any data about its users. That is why you don’t need to register on this application.
  • it does not violate the user’s privacy. Although this application allows users to download and save Instagram content, it shows and allows downloading only public content. Private content shared by account holders will not be visible to anyone.
  • This tool is anonymous and can be accessed through all devices having a solid internet connection. The person whose profile you are analyzing will not get a notification in this way; you will not be recognized.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of IgAnony?

Read out the following list of advantages to understand this tool in detail.

  • Safe to use:

IgAnony is undoubtedly safe and does not contain worms or viruses. The files downloaded through this platform are secure to share on other social media platforms.

  • Detailed information:

Users can get detailed updates about the particular ID, including posts, followers, etc., and a profile picture view. This is an entirely anonymous feature; you don’t need an Instagram account.

  • Easy downloading:

With an anonymity feature, this tool offers easy downloading as well as multiple downloading features. The downloading is also free; you don’t need to pay. You can save as many as you want for free without revealing your identity.

  • Device compatible:

It is a handy website and is accessible through mobile and PC both. It does not have any mobile app. The only requirement to access this tool is having an internet connection. It’s a device-compatible tool.

  • Fast speed:

One of the most significant advantages of this Instagram viewer tool is its downloading speed. It takes only a few seconds to download files from an Instagram account anonymously. In this way, it will save you time and energy.


  • No mobile app:

The only disadvantage we have found is that this Instagram viewer has no mobile to access. Every time you need to visit someone’s Instagram profile, you have to browse it using your device browser.

How do you use IgAnony Viewer to Download Instagram Content? Complete Method.

Follow the below instructions to download videos and images from Instagram using IgAnony story viewer anonymously.

  • To download and save content from a particular Instagram account, you must have a complete Instagram profile address.
  • Copy the link of the profile and browse for anonyig.com.
  • As you browse the website, you will land on the website home page, where you will see a search bar.
IgAnony Viewer
Screenshot from AnonyIG.com, October 2023
  • Paste or type the profile address in the search bar and click on the search icon.
  • All the details will be shown on your device screen with every post you see the download button.
  • You can also navigate between different options like posts, stories, IGTV, etc.
  • By simply clicking the download button, the file will be downloaded on your device, and you can easily view it from the download folder.
  • In this way, you can save multiple files from any Instagram account without creating an Instagram profile.

What is the Difference between IgAnony and AnonyIG?

IgAnony used to be a popular tool that allowed people to download Instagram videos, photos, and more. It was essentially an Instagram downloader that provided anonymous viewing of Instagram profiles and content. However, it seems IgAnony is no longer available or working anymore.

That’s where AnonyIG comes in! AnonyIG is the new and improved Instagram downloader and viewer that does everything IgAnony used to do and more! With AnonyIG, you can anonymously look at Instagram profiles, download Instagram photos and videos, and more – all without logging in or having an account.

The main difference is that IgAnony is outdated and not working, while AnonyIG is the updated, working version that lets you get Instagram content downloaded and viewed anonymously. I’d recommend using AnonyIG since it has all the features of IgAnony but is actually active and functional.

What are the Best Competitors of IgAnony?

When it comes to Instagram downloaders and viewers, IgAnony definitely had some top competitors even before it went defunct. A few key ones that come to mind are:

  • AnonyIG – As I mentioned before, this is kind of the successor to IgAnony. It lets you anonymously view Instagram profiles and download photos, videos, reels, IGTV, and more. Definitely IgAnony’s biggest competitor.
  • Picnob – Another Instagram tool that provides anonymous Instagram viewing and downloading. Pretty similar features to AnonyIG.
  • Gramhir – More of an Instagram downloader specifically. Lets you save Instagram videos, photos, and stories without an account.
  • ImgInn – An Instagram photo downloader that also allows anonymous viewing and searching of public Instagram profiles.
  • StoriesIG – Specializes in downloading Instagram stories anonymously. So, if you just want to save stories, it’s a good IgAnony alternative.
  • Ingramer – An Instagram viewer app for iOS that offers anonymous Instagram browsing.

So in summary, tools like AnonyIG, Picnob, Gramhir, ImgInn, StoriesIG, and Ingramer are some of the top services that can do what IgAnony offers related to anonymous Instagram browsing, viewing, and downloading. AnonyIG seems to be the most full-featured replacement.


Is it IgAnony is the anonymous tool?

Yes, this online tool is anonymous and does not require sign-in or storing any user data. Users can save multiple files, keeping their self nameless.

What type of format does IgAnony support?

You can download mp4 video and JPEG image files at high speed easily on any device as it is a compatible Instagram viewer.

Does IgAnony save any user information?

No, this platform does not ask for any user’s data and thus does not save any information about its users. It fully maintains the user’s privacy.

Final verdict:

This post is dedicated to the most valuable Instagram story viewer and downloader online website known as IgAnony. This web-based tool lets you view and examine the complete Instagram profiles anonymously.

I hope you have got valuable information from this post. Thanks for visiting.

Disclaimer: This content is purely for informational purposes. We don’t promote any website or tools in this content!

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