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Is Netflix Worth It? Here Are The Biggest Pros And Cons

Netflix is an unquestionably appealing streaming service, with a library including numerous titles and awards such as the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and Golden Globes; yet, the company is not a charitable organization. Netflix members get unlimited access to movies and series supplied by the service to prove the subscription cost, and is it worth it when factoring in all of the additional monthly costs?

You are the only one who can determine whether or not the great selection of content offered by Netflix is worth the membership price. This depends on your financial situation, how you stream content, and if you already have a subscription to one of the numerous streaming services. But with so many streaming services available, customers are still opting for free VPN to use for Netflix so that they may view Netflix’s unique content. So, is it still worth it? Here are the biggest pros and cons.

Netflix is Currently The Leading Streaming Service

Netflix, which has 221 million customers, is the most popular streaming service. Amazon Prime Video is ranked second, with 200 million paying users and millions of subscribers less than Netflix. The third-placed service is Disney+, with a subscription count that is lower than 138 million. Netflix is therefore responsible for more than a third of streaming activity in the United States.

Pros of Netflix

While some argue that Netflix is killing traditional television, there are many benefits to using Netflix. In fact, here are four reasons why Netflix is a good option for watching TV shows and movies.

  1. Netflix Meets the Industry Requirements

People’s expectations of streaming services have evolved to where Netflix fulfills most of their needs. When using Netflix:

  • You can switch between different plans anytime, including downgrading and upgrading.
  • You can download episodes of series and movies to watch them even when you do not have Wi-Fi.
  • There are no commitments or contracts, and you are free to cancel at any time.
  • You get access to a complete watching experience across all platforms.

Moreover, there are no advertisements included in any of Netflix’s plans, which is an advantage that not all other providers can say they offer.

  1. Netflix Purely Entails Lite Streaming

According to CNBC’s analysis, the content on Netflix is both well selected and highly varied. Documentaries on fast food, such as “Tiger King,” have seen enormous success, in addition to prestige dramas, like “The Crown” and game shows, such as “Floor Is Lava.”

However, Netflix is not the best option for cord-cutters looking for an alternative to cable and live TV. This is because there are no live events, no Oscars, no Super Bowl, no Thanksgiving Day parade, no tree lighting, no sports, and no news. Additionally, channel surfing is not an option.

  1. Netflix Has Numerous Original Shows

Over 460 original television programs have been developed and distributed by Netflix, compared to the number of channels offered by Amazon Prime, which comes in at number two. After that, it falls under 100 for Hulu, Apple TV+, and Disney+.

Netflix has upped its investment in original programming, with some of its shows, such as “Stranger Things” and “The Crown,” having production costs of $30 million and $13 million each episode, respectively. The streaming service spent $17 billion on its original content in 2020, an increase from the $13.9 billion it spent in 2019, the $13 billion it spent in 2018, and the less than $10 billion it spent in 2017.

  1. Netflix Has Secret Search Codes

Users can research Netflix for their preferred films and series on a detailed level, thanks to a hidden search tool that the streaming service provides. If you have the numerical passwords, you can access much excellent stuff that was intentionally hidden. It contains many subgenres, but it is difficult to navigate them without the appropriate codes. Simply locate the subgenre that you like, enter the number that corresponds to it into the search field, and be ready to be impressed.

Cons of Netflix

Netflix is an excellent service. But, it’s not perfect. Here are some of the cons of Netflix. 

  1. High Subscription Costs

Just before the beginning of the year, Netflix increased its costs by $1 for its most affordable plan, $2 for its standard plan, and $4 for its premium plan. Prices for Disney+ and Hulu increased about the same time, and prices will inevitably continue to rise overall due to inflation. According to CNBC, Netflix has maintained its subscription costs over time despite a steady increase in the number of users paying for the service.

There are three different levels of subscriptions available:

  • Standard Plan Costs: $9.99 Monthly

It includes one stream in standard definition at 480 pixels per inch.

  • The regular rate is $15.49 per month, comprising two streams running simultaneously, both in high definition @ 1080p
  • Premium service costs $19.99 each month, and it comprises four streams running simultaneously, each in 4K and HDR
  1. A Reduction in the Catalog Due to Higher Costs

Netflix members currently have access to a much smaller library of titles than they enjoyed in previous years, although the company has increased the membership price. Protocol, a tech and media journal published by Politico, claims that Netflix is purposefully reducing the size of its collection. When Netflix was established, it was required to license hundreds of titles simultaneously through bulk catalogs. It is now a significantly more developed service, and as such, it has adopted the idea that quality is more important than quantity. This way, they eliminated the unnecessary clutter and let go of many unnecessary bulk licenses.

  1. Some of the Content is Regional Based

If you leave the United States, you may find that your Netflix library and viewing options have changed, but only if you’re unlucky. This is because a significant portion of the content that Netflix offers is exclusive to specific regions. You might discover that all or part of your material is hidden. You are mistaken if you believe you may circumvent the issue by making use of a virtual private network (VPN) to deceive Netflix into thinking that you are still at your residence. Netflix is not amused, and their technology is highly effective at locating most VPN services.

Is It Worth It To Pay for Netflix?

Netflix has maintained its cheap rates despite having recently implemented a price hike. It has demonstrated that it is worth the membership fee for over 200 million subscribers. Its library of movies and television programs is larger than any of its major competitors, except Amazon Prime. However, in contrast to Prime, the Netflix library is selected, organized, and simplified on a friendly platform for users.

It is the leader in the industry in producing its unique material, which ranges from horror shows to stand-up comedy. The likes of HBO and the major Hollywood studios used to be the only ones that could win significant prizes for their films, but now Netflix studio productions often take the prize home.

On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages. Since Netflix does not provide live television, the service is only helpful as an add-on for users who like to watch traditional television channels. It is solely a stand-alone service and cannot be used as a replacement for cable television subscriptions.

Prime Video is only one of several services included in the normal Amazon Prime subscription. Other examples include music streaming, photo storage, and more. The Hulu content catalog and the company’s original programs are featured in the live TV streaming service. As a result, anyone who already pays for Prime, Hulu, or another streaming service with similar content may find it difficult to justify a Netflix subscription while looking for ways to save money on household expenses.


Netflix is a great investment. It offers an immense amount of value for a very low price. You can watch TV shows and movies whenever you want, without commercials. Netflix also has exclusive programming that you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, the company is constantly expanding its library with new content. If you are looking for an affordable way to watch your favorite shows and movies, Netflix is worth it.

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