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How to Make 100% real Money from Clash of Clans game?

If you are reading this article, then definitively you are a gamer. And you want to make 100% real money from the clash of clans game.

What you think? It easy to earn money from the Clash of Clan game? I know you are thinking like others but here we will discuss a way which you can make money from the Clash of Clans game.

There are two legal methods which you can make money from Clash of Clans:

  • From YouTube Channel
  • Grow Accounts and Sell them

Everyone wants to earn money so you like to play games then it doesn’t mean you can earn money. I like games and I’m also making money from different games such as “PUBG Mobile”, and Clash of Clans.

#1: From YouTube Channel

It’s the first and longest method by which you can make money. In this method, you need to create a YouTube channel in which you can make videos related to the Clash of Clans game and upload them.

I don’t know how much time this method requires, but I think it’s can take almost 1 year. But it depends on your YouTube skill how much you are better at this.

  • Create YouTube Channel
  • Make quality Videos
  • Upload on YouTube Channel
  • Monetize YouTube Channel

In this way, you can earn money from YouTube channels. I know this is a tough method but don’t worry, I will show you a simple and easy method which you can make 100% real money from the Clash of Clans game.

#2: Grow Accounts and Sell them

What you think about this method? It’s easy or tough? It’s easy and simple, you need to create a Clash of Clans account, grow and then sell them.

  • Create Clash of Clans account
  • Grow and Sell them

How was that simple? But remember you need to grow your account at least at Townhall 10. Because they had already less than town hall 10. They want to buy max Townhall accounts so you have to try to max and then sell.

I recently sold my Clash of Clans account so this thing confirms that you can sell them. But the question is that where you can sell a Clash of Clans account? You need to join Facebook and WhatsApp groups related to buy and sell Clash of Clans.

Note: always deal through admin, don’t try to deal with direct sellers.

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