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Making Your Running Shoes Last Longer

Purchasing a good pair of shoes for running is not as easy as most people assume. Firstly, you must find the perfect fit, quality, design, and type, depending on your running type. Additionally, a good pair of shoes for running may cost you some good money. Therefore, the last thing you want is to keep running back to the shop for a new pair after a few weeks. So, it would be wise to exercise some maintenance tips to make your shoes for running last longer. The longer your shoes last, the more money you save and the more peace of mind you enjoy. Here are a few ways you can make your running shoes last longer:

Use them for the right job

One of the top reasons shoes for running do not last as long as they should is using them for the wrong reasons. For instance, some wearers assume they can use these shoes for any sporting activity. As the name suggests, these shoes are designed for running. Additionally, there are different types of shoes for running, like trail and road running. Trail shoes for running can withstand rocky and varied terrain while their counterparts cannot. So, using your shoes for a purpose they were not designed for will cause them to get damaged faster.

Reserve your shoes for running

You may be tempted to wear your shoes while running errands or going on with your day. However, the more you wear them, the faster they will develop wear and tear. So, instead, you should reserve your shoes for running only.

Rotate your shoes for running

Another excellent tip for making your running shoes last longer is rotation. This tip is essential if you are training for a longer race or running many miles. The longer you use one pair of runners shoes, the faster they will get damaged and eventually not serve you anymore. So, the solution is to get at least two pairs of shoes so you can rotate them. As you wear the other pair, it allows the former one to recover from the runs. Doing so will also help you adapt to running in different pairs of shoes.

Proper cleaning and drying

Cleaning is one of the essential tips for maintaining shoes for running. However, it would help if you were careful about the frequency and how you clean the shoes. While the washing machine and dryer are the easiest way to get all the dirt off your shoes without spending too much energy, you should avoid them. Washing your shoes for running in the washing machine or drying them in the dryer will break their soles. Instead, clean your shoes for running with a light brush and soapy water, rinse them off, then use a dry towel to dry them.

You can also dry them in the sun. However, you must also be cautious because they can shrink while drying. So, experts recommend stuffing them with newspaper or a paper towel as you allow them to dry. This way, they will maintain their shape.

Do not expose them to extreme heat or cold

Exposing your shoes to extreme elements can also damage them. For instance, extreme heat can cause incredible strain and damage the shoes. Extreme elements can also damage the shoes’ appearance by stripping them of their color or causing them to fade. So, if you have the habit of leaving your shoes in your car during the summer heat or leaving them outside overnight, you ought to think twice about the damage you are causing.

Do not leave the laces tied

While untying your shoes’ races after running may seem simple and unimportant, it is not. Leaving the laces tied wears away at the integrity of your shoe’s heel cup. A damaged heel cup means less support for your feet when running. So, this causes a diminished running experience. Therefore, ensure to until the laces every time you take your shoes off.


Sometimes, practicing all the above tips may not protect your shoes from damage. This is especially the case if the shoes are low-quality. So, you can make your shoes for running last longer by purchasing them from a reliable supplier and getting a trusted brand like Hoka. Their quality construction will promote their durability.

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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