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Marathon Running Gear: Essentials to Have on Race Day

If you enjoy running, a marathon is one of the most thrilling events you can take part in. However, you must ensure to have proper running essential on race day. There’s no point in training for the marathon for months, only to forget to pack a few things.

To ensure you don’t forget anything during race day, you need to create a checklist. The checklist will help you know what to bring along for the marathon. But if you don’t know the essentials to carry during race day, here is a list of some of the most important race items.


Before heading out to a marathon, you need to pack some shorts. You might even wear them to the event. However, when deciding what to wear, you need to consider the weather conditions. In case it’ll rain, you should consider packing an extra pair of shorts, especially if your pair gets uncomfortable when wet.

Most importantly, you must have run in those shorts at least once to determine if they’re suitable for running a marathon. This is advisable because some shorts might become uncomfortable when you run because of rubbing and chafing.


A marathon is the longest of all races. Therefore, if you want to challenge yourself and determine whether you’ve become faster or slower, you need to get a watch. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a stopwatch because a marathon isn’t a quick race. A watch is essential marathon gear that helps you time yourself.

Water or a Sports Drink

As mentioned previously, a marathon is a relatively long race. Therefore, you need to stay hydrated to improve your endurance during the marathon. To properly stay hydrated, you need to carry some water. Alternatively, you can carry some certified sports drinks.

These drinks help to keep you revitalized. But you need to confirm whether the marathon event will have these drinks along the course or whether you’ll bring your supply. Most importantly, you have to know how much you’ll need to ensure you have an adequate supply to stay properly hydrated. You may not carry as much to drink for a half marathon as you would a full one.


Shoes count as some of the most essential items for running a marathon. Most importantly, you have to ensure to get the appropriate pair for running a marathon, such as shoes like Hoka. That’s because the shoes you wear determine how efficiently you’ll run the race.

You cannot wear your office shoes or go barefoot when running a marathon. Doing so will leave you with numerous injuries, and probably serious consequences later on. As a result, you should get shoes like Hoka to enjoy the entire marathon. You might even get an extra pair if you please.

Sports Bra or Top

If you’re a woman who loves marathons, you want to consider getting a sports bra or top. They are essential outfits during the race, but you must ensure to check the weather forecast on race day. Why? To ensure you get an outfit whose material suits the day’s weather. Additionally, if the weather seems like it will change, get extra sports bras or pairs for the same.


You may also want to bring along some sunglasses. They especially come in handy when it’s sunny. They will help block out the extra rays of sunlight when you run the entire course. Most importantly, you have to get comfortable sunglasses because you’ll be running. You don’t want to get a pair that’ll be wobbling around your nose as you run. That would be extremely uncomfortable.


Running an entire marathon is no easy feat, especially when you’re running on a hot, sunny day. To complete the entire race, there’s a high probability that you’ll get sunburned. To avoid this, you want to carry some sunscreen. Before the race, ensure to apply it on your face, arms, and chest. You should also consider applying it to other exposed body parts.

Safety Pins

Whenever you run a marathon, you need to have a bib. To attach it to your sports bra or vest, you’ll need some safety pins. Although a majority of races provide you with these safety pins, you can carry some extras.

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