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Maximizing Your Yield with Screen of Green (ScrOG) Method

A well-execulated crop yield is every grower’s dream, from small scale hobbyists to commercial cultivators. To turn this dream into reality, we often resort to various plant-training techniques. Among them, the Screen of Green, or ScrOG method, stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in harnessing a plant’s growth potential.

The ScrOG technique involves creating a “screen” of evenly-spaced stems across the top of a plant. This screen is then trained and pruned to keep it as low as possible, while still allowing for maximum light penetration. This allows each bud site on the plant to get equal amounts of light, resulting in healthier plants with increased yields.

  • The Screen of Green (ScrOG) method is a plant-training technique favored for its simplicity and effectiveness in managing plant growth.
  • This technique involves the creation of an evenly-spaced “screen” across the top of a plant.
  • The screen is trained and pruned to maintain it as low as possible, permitting maximum light penetration.
  • Each bud site on the plant receives equal light, leading to healthier plants and increased yields.

Understanding the ScrOG Technique

The ScrOG technique is a cultivation method that involves the application of a screen or net that acts as a trellis. This trellis supports the sideways growth of the plant’s upper canopy, enabling it to bask in the light. At the same time, the lower parts of the plant are pruned away, leaving only the topmost vegetation to grow and flower. Bear in mind, this method requires a longer vegetative phase than other plant-training techniques due to the need to feed selected shoots through the screen over the growing phase.

Building a ScrOG Screen

Creating a screen for the ScrOG method is quite straightforward and adaptable. It could be as simple as placing chicken wire over a wooden frame, tying bamboo shoots together in a square formation, or even using wire or pea netting. The goal is to create a durable and flexible structure that can support the plant’s growth while allowing easy manipulation.

Benefits of Using a ScrOG Screen

Adopting the ScrOG method offers several advantages. It allows the grower to be completely hands-on with the plants, understanding their needs and responding in real-time. For those with limited plant counts, it’s a game-changer. It allows for larger yields even in a small growing space, as the plants have no choice but to dedicate all their growth above the screen. This technique results in no low-hanging subpar buds and improved air flow below the canopy, minimizing the risk of mold and pests.

In conclusion, the Screen of Green method is a powerful tool in a grower’s toolkit and is encouraged by professionals like BudTrainer. It promises higher yield and healthier plants by promoting efficient use of space and light. It may require a bit more time, dedication, and care compared to other methods, but the results it delivers make it well worth the effort. If you’re looking to maximize your yield and optimize your available growing space, consider giving the ScrOG method a try.

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