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Meesho: Online Shopping & Reselling Hub in India

Are you searching for an e-commerce website where you don’t need to do hard work but boost your business? We will talk about such a platform available, “Meesho Supplier Panel,” a famous Indian selling website.

This is the only solution for your business to boost and ensure online visibility with an affordable budget. If you are new and have low resources to grow your business, it is the best opportunity. Let’s review it in detail.

Meesho Supplier Panel: What is the Meesho Supplier Panel?

Meesho Supplier Panel is an online e-commerce website that connects buyers and sellers within a vast network. This is an Indian website where you can buy and sell all items you want. Meesho is a versatile platform. Businesses register on this website, which will help them grow their business effectively.

How Does Meesho Work?

Meesho is a platform that provides an opportunity to run your business without investment. It means that now you can run your business with zero investment. This platform can be accessed through its website and app.

Reseller can list their product on this application and earn profit with every sale. It is a registration-based platform, so you must first register on this app. You can frequently list and manage your products to attract maximum customer attention.

Why Should You Choose the Meesho Supplier Panel?

Read the following valid and key reasons for choosing this platform for your business startup.

No Commission:

The most useful reason for using this platform is its zero collection and commission fees. It is one of the financial advantages for all. Suppliers will get money for what they sell, meaning that on every sale, you will receive all your amount, and no fees or commissions will be deducted.

Convenient and Free:

The next fruitful reason for choosing this platform is that you can conveniently access it, and there is no fee. You can register yourself on your own as it is very easy.

Cheap Advertisements Fee:

Advertisement products online play an important role in brand or product awareness and reaching a larger audience. E-commerce sites earn huge amounts from brand advertisement, but Meesho charges cheap advertisement fees to their customer. So, as compared to other sites, this website offers low advertisement fees.

Easy Shipping and Delivery:

Meesho has fantastic and manageable delivery and shipping criteria. Easy shipping methods make it convenient for the seller to sell their products.

Payment Cycle:

Meesho has seven days long delivery cycle. The delivery cycle helps the supplier manage the whole flow in a manageable way. Apart from that, it also offers the lowest GST, which is only 18%. There is no RTO fee imposed on this platform. Customers return the product without any fees, which is a beneficial feature of this platform.

How to Use the Meesho Supplier Panel? (Method)

If you want to use this platform as a supplier, read and follow the below instructions to use this platform effectively.


You must register first to join this platform and avail of its services. You can do this by visiting this website and clicking the “start selling” button. After verifying registration, you will be part of this platform.

Supplier Panel:

After registration, now it’s time to move to the supplier panel it is the platform where you can enlist the products or brands you come for. You can easily manage the list of your products, inventory, and orders and track the payments, etc.


The catalogue includes product descriptions and images. Ensure the photos you upload on this platform are clear and visible from all the sites. As you update or upload the catalogue after 72 hours, it will be displayed on the website, and if you want to promote it in a good manner, you should upload at least 5 to 6 photos at once.

Order Maintenances:

On e-commerce websites, for every brand and product seller, it is essential to manage, and sometimes, it becomes difficult for them to deliver or ship. But this platform makes it easy for sellers to manage the quickest and safest delivery and shipping process. The job of the supplier is only to accept the order.

Payment Gateway:

This platform offers two types of payment gateways. You can use an online payment method or cash on delivery. Choose one of them according to your convenience. The supplier will directly receive his payment in their bank account, which will take around seven days.

How to Register on Meesho?

Follow the instructions below to register yourself on this platform.

  1. The first step is to browse this website from your device. As you visit the website, you will see the sign-up tab or start selling button click on it.
  2. As you click on this button, you will land on a new window where you will see empty fields that require your details.
  3. Enter your active mobile number. Ensure the mobile number you are providing is active, as you will receive a unique OTP code.
  4. Next, enter the OTP you received on your mobile for verification purposes.
  5. Now, enter your email address and create your unique password.
  6. After providing details, review your details and then click on the Create Account tab.
  7. The GSTIN number, Bank account, and valid mobile number are a must to create a supplier account. Along with that, you have to provide accurate store names and pickup order addresses as well.

What are the Benefits of Meesho Suppliers?

Read the benefits of this popular platform below.

  • Business Startup:

This platform is the best and most fantastic opportunity for new businesses. If you want to start your own business but have a limited or low budget, then this platform is made for you. This is one of the platforms that support newbies.

  • Affordable:

The other useful benefit of this website is its affordable delivery rates. There is no commission for a supplier; apart from that, the payment process is also fast. The supplier directly receives their payments in their bank accounts.

  • Opportunistic:

This is one of the e-commerce websites that is the best chance to enhance the business in a competitive environment. On this platform, you don’t need to have huge investment capital. The advertisement charges are very low as compared to other websites.

  • Straightforward:

Using Meesho is simple and easy. You can easily navigate this website; all options are clearly mentioned. You will see all the options and services once you log in and navigate the panel. Your only job after listing your products is to check the orders.

  • No Penalty Fee:

With 0 commission, this platform does not charge any penalty fee for order cancellation or late dispatch. It is one of the budget-friendly benefits of this website.

How Does the Meesho Supplier Panel Help Business?

There are different features and opportunities available on this platform that help your business, whether it is a large or small business.  We elaborate on some key points here for you to know how it will help your brand/ business.

  • Boost Visibility:

The primary motto of every business or company nowadays is to be visible to a large audience, and for that purpose, businesses invest in advertisement. Advertising your brand on this platform means reaching a larger audience and being visible to more customers.

  • Increase Sales:

This platform helps you to increase your sales. If you are investing or launching your products in the right place, there are more chances that your sales will increase quickly. This website helps present your catalogue to an actual customer at the right time.

  • Pay on Clicks:

The most efficient offer of this website for all types of businesses, and especially beneficial for small and new businesses, is to pay on clicks, which means you are allowed to pay when customers click on your advertisement unless you don’t need to pay.

  • Manage Ads:

Using Meesho, you can check your ads’ performance and make decisions and strategies according to their performance. This will help in managing your budget.

  • Control Ad Campaign:

Campaigns are also an imperative part of the business. On this e-commerce website, you can control the campaigns by setting the duration when and for which duration you want to run the campaign.

  • Wide Category:

This is a versatile platform and has numerous categories. So, it is also helpful for your business that you don’t need to think about your product category. Various products attract customers, and as a result, sales increase and boost business.

Wrapping up:

Meesho is a versatile online business-enhancing website where seller or supplier can quickly increase their sales by making their visibility online effective. The supplier registers their self by creating an account and creating a catalogue. I hope this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for visiting.


What is the Meesho supplier panel?

This is an online shopping and e-commerce website that runs in India. This website has numerous category products and the fastest delivery mechanism with 0 commission.

What is the payment gateway for Meesho suppliers?

Customers can pay online or choose cash on delivery when they shop from this platform. The supplier will receive the payment directly in their bank accounts.

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