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Multi-Location Restaurant Management Becomes easier with EasyEat

Have you ever wondered how these multi-chain fast food restaurants maintain consistency in taste and profits across all their outlets? This blog talks about EasyEat Restaurant management software that lets you monitor all your outlets from one place very easily. Read more to find out all its unique features that make managing multiple outlets easy

Centralized Menu 

EasyEat POS system allows you to effortlessly edit, delete, and update menus for all your outlets from the headquarters. You don’t have to change it manually at individual locations. You can save a lot of time and reduce the risk of errors. With a few clicks, you can ensure consistency across all your outlets. 

Standardized operational Procedure

You can view the ongoing operations of all your outlets from one place. You can easily track all the running orders of any particular outlet and check details like how many of them were takeaways or dine-in. You can monitor the commission charges of food delivery partners of all the outlets from one place. You can also pause operations of a particular outlet from the headquarters. 

You can engage with your customers based on their feedback and preferences. You can analyze trends in ratings and reviews and make changes accordingly. The Customer Data Report provides insights into all customers who have placed orders, this will help in making targeted marketing efforts. 

Employee Management

EasyEat’s staff center feature empowers you to manage employee performance. You can control the access that each staff member is going to have, which will keep your cash register safe. You can easily track the attendance of your employees and calculate their pay accordingly. 

Loyalty Programs

You can apply the same type of loyalty program at all your outlets using EasyEat’s HQ feature. Your customers will be able to redeem the points collected from one outlet of yours to other outlets. 


You can efficiently manage vouchers across all your outlets using EasyEat. By customizing codes with prefixes and settings, like those offered by voucher code generators, you can incentivize loyal customers or run special promotions like lucky draws. 

Referral program

EasyEat’s referral program feature will bring in more customers for you. If one of you sends a referral link to their friends, both, your customers and their friends will get a discount whenever they place an order. They can send an unlimited amount of referrals. 

In this blog, you have read about the EasyEat POS system which has very unique features that maintain consistency across all the outlets. It offers you the benefit of editing menus from one place and along with that it gives you detailed reports that will help you in improving your offerings. You can retain and reward your loyal customers through the loyalty program feature and offer them vouchers too.  Not only this but also, managing the restaurant staff becomes easier as you can control their access levels and track their attendance in all your outlets. Last but not least, your customers can invite their friends to your restaurant and spread the word. 

Invest in the EasyEat POS system today to get these exclusive advantages. (Read More on https://blog.easyeat.ai/)

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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