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Pitching the right place for guest posting

Once you’ve identified the websites for which you’d like to guest post, you’ll need to know how to craft an incredible pitch that will ensure the blogger you’re contacting says yes every time. Remember that major bloggers get a lot of guest post pitches, and if your pitch doesn’t appeal to them, your email will be swiftly deleted and forgotten. Here are a few pointers to ensure you hit every pitch with Guest posting services Dubai:

The managing editor position has existed since the beginning of conventional journalism, but today’s digital editor is much more than a piece of paper and a red pen.

A continual barrage of proposals from enthusiastic authors, along with the actual reviewing, editing, formatting, and publishing of content, makes for an extremely difficult job.

And, now that content creation is such an important aspect of running a successful business, the end goal of creating a magazine full of fantastic material that their target audience will like and share may be intimidating.

Editors work hard every day to provide relevant material, but they also spend a lot of time sifting through guest blog ideas that don’t quite reach the target.

Find the Perfect Match

Is your field of expertise relevant to their industry and topic areas? This may sound apparent, but matching your history, skills, and knowledge to the site you wish to write for is critical. If you are an education blogger with a background in teaching, you may write for a variety of education-related websites, such as huge textbook publishers. However, you may also write for ed-tech businesses with large teacher audiences. Each of them will necessitate a unique strategy.

Make each email unique

Sending speculative guest post pitches to every website is a bad idea. People who plainly do not mention the name of the website they are writing to will be characterised as merely searching for a link, rather than trying to contribute truly beneficial material, which is very lazy and immediately obvious to bloggers.

Instead, adapt each and every proposal you make to that specific website. Mention the site’s name (and the blog owner’s name if you can locate it! ), as well as what you enjoy about it and why you believe you might contribute something beneficial.

Customized emails will demonstrate that you are interested in guest blogging for our website rather than simply any other blog on the internet. This is a lot more.

Pitch original concepts and titles

Do not make the mistake of merely asking if you may guest write for a website without offering any ideas or titles.

Before you email your pitch, check at the website you’re contacting to see what kinds of articles they publish, how they write, and anything they haven’t covered that you could.

A long-form personal essay will not fit on a website that normally distributes list-type items. Similarly, if a website has already covered a subject, they are unlikely to be interested in a rehash from you. Pitch original ideas that haven’t been covered on that website previously, and even come up with some article title suggestions.

Be approachable

Make an effort to establish a personal connection with the individual you’re contacting. Remember that there is a person behind that website just as there is behind yours, and even if they have a larger blog than you, they are still just people. Avoid being overly ‘fanatic’ or pompous, and instead strive for a comfortable mix of relatable but polite. Instead of being robotic and official, create an email that reflects who you are as a person. A little humour may go a long way — and help your pitch stand out in a sea of others.

Investigate the Business

Recognize the organisation, its principles, and its objectives. Once you’ve narrowed down the organisations you’d want to write for, research who they are, what they care about, and what issues they address for people. You can begin by answering the following questions:

  • What does or sold this organisation, and to whom?
  • What are their priorities? What exactly is their mission?
  • In comparison to their competition, how do they describe themselves?
  • How does your experience relate to the goods or services offered by this company?

Showcase Your Worth

In your article ideas, identify your distinct value offer. You should have a good grasp of the firm, the blog, and the site’s viewers at this time. However, possessing this information does not imply that you can just make minor changes to a previously published blog article. Instead, you must come up with blog post themes that are clearly beneficial to the company. Here are three approaches to coming up with value-adding ideas:

  • Your suggestion is tailored to their readers’ wants and requirements.
  • Your subject is one that the blog has never covered before.
  • You have a distinct area of knowledge, making you an obvious authoritative figure for readers.
  • The common thread that binds these three criteria for value-driven subject suggestions

Showcase your writing skills.

In your guest post pitch, don’t forget to include some samples of your own writing. Bloggers want to know that they’ll be sharing a high-quality, well-written piece on their site, and the best way to show them your writing style is to demonstrate it!

Include a line in your pitch that says, “here are a few example pieces from my blog that you might appreciate.” This not only demonstrates that you are an experienced blogger with a background in content development, but it also demonstrates that you are a real blogger.

Write a Tailored Pitch Email

Use your knowledge of the firm, its blog, and its target audience to craft a pleasant, succinct, and persuasive email. Everyone, especially marketing and social media managers, is extremely busy these days. As a result, your email should be brief and direct while yet seeming personable and conversational. It’s also crucial that the email makes the recipient feel unique; they need to know you took the time to compose a thoughtful email exclusively for them, rather than copying and pasting a generic email.

To sum up

Guest posting is a fantastic method to interact with other bloggers, gain vital backlinks, and reach a larger audience. The key to earning guest articles is to be genuine – there are a lot of individuals out there attempting to con other bloggers, so they may be sceptical.

Be real, relatable, and only contact sites to whom you can provide genuinely beneficial material. With this in mind, guest writing may be a very useful marketing tool. Still not able to find the right place? Get in touch with ESEO Dubai and generate the best results.

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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