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Redfinger | A New but Promising Market for Mobile Gaming Publishers – Latin America

When it comes to Latin American market, people may keep soccer, 1760% inflation or the change of 3 presidents in 24 hours in mind at first. However, game publishers pay more attention to its population, culture, currency, payment method, and even the competition landscape.

Market Overview in Latin America

According to the latest data, Brazil’s population exceeds 216 million people, ranking 7th across the world. Mexico boasts 110 million people, ranked 10th globally. These two countries total more than 320 million people, boasting a great potential in business development. Chile, on the other hand, has a GDP of $16,503, although it only covers 20 million people.

Culturally, Portuguese is the official language in Brazil while the other four countries adopt Spanish. In addition, they boast different social issues, including poor security and high economic fluctuations.

As for payment methods, a comprehensive system can be found in Brazil’s electronic payment. Users in Mexico are asked to add something like UnionPay to conduct transactions. Argentina is relatively developed, because the whole Latin America’s famous e-commerce platform Mercado is developed with its own payment system.

Colombia also has its own distribution channels while Chile’s electronic payment is less developed. Compared to Southeast Asia’s complicated and mixed religions, Latin America only covers Catholicism and Christianity with unity in culture.

Mobile Gaming Sector in Latin America

In terms of best-selling games in Latin America, most people favor Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and even Genshin Impact. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Genshin Impact, and Garena Free Fire are listed in best seller list in most nations. Mobile Legends Bang Bang can be found in Redfinger APP Store, which gains popularity for users to enjoy playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with redfinger cloud phone.

However, it can also be seen that the share of Chinese products in Latin America is low and the top ranking is still dominated by European and American products, covering HBO, Disney. As a virtual Android system, redfinger enables users to own another Android phone on one device. Cloud emulator android redfinger costs nearly no data, storage, and battery power. Users can run your game 24*7 on the cloud.

Latin American gamers are prone to enjoy MMORPG series games developed by Chinese publishers. Besides, users are accustomed to playing causal, sandbox, social with earning online, gambling with earning online categories mobile games, for example, Call of Duty Mobile and Candy Crush. But what is surprising is that EA’s soccer games rank relatively low.

Nowadays, advertisers currently active in Latin America are roughly divided into 5 categories. International gambling here refers to gambling sites or apps with international influence, betway is an example. In addition to the advertiser mentioned above, there are a list of advertisers in the gaming sector in Latin America.

Slots and Domino categories games gain various popularity in this region. The policy enacted by platforms is overall not strict. Meanwhile, users are likely to enjoy playing games with social attributes, like Garena Free Fire, and MOBA. While finance category games boast great potentials in the market.

Great Potentials in Latin America and Brazil

Great Potentials in Latin America and Brazil

As the largest gaming market in Latin America, Brazil ranks 12th in the world in terms of gaming revenue. The year of 2021 saw the market reached $2.3 billion in revenue, an overall increase of 5.1% year-on-year. It is expected to hike by more than 5.3% in 2022. Games downloads total 4.57 billion with a spending of nearly $571 million.

Lists of game publishers are willing to come to the market in Brazil. Amid the fact that Brazil has a population of over 200 million, it boasts market dividends. Following the development of Kwai, Byte Dance in Brazil, payment channels are well-educated and developed. PIX adopts payment method aggregations. By doing so, it is convenient for users to promote with diversified gameplay, unlike P2E games with cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

As a whole, the mobile gaming market in Latin America still favors products with social or interactive features like MOBA. On the other hand, SLG category games are favored by users in Mexico. In conclusion, the share of Chinese manufacturers in the Latin American market is low but embraces various opportunities.

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