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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 – What we know so far

The anticipated follow-up to the greatest foldable phone currently available is the New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Samsung must put in more effort, though, if it hopes to retain that crown.

The Galaxy Z Foldable 4 had highs and lows comparable to those experienced by the prior Z Folds during testing and assessment. We thus hope that this time will be different. Samsung has to tweak its bigger foldable gadget even more to become the high-end productivity powerhouse it was designed to be.

Although the rumours thus far point to a likely outcome, some of the major problems with the Z Fold & foldable gadgets, in general, appear to persist.

With Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, we anticipate a larger Z Fold upgrade after a few years of lesser ones. With products such as the Oppo Find N potentially demonstrating alternate methods of producing an excellent folding phone, competition is only expected to intensify. Additionally, the Find N2 & Find Flip also are coming.

Samsung must raise the bar. Unless it does? How can the business hold on to its advantage until rivals like the predicted iPhone Flip & Google Pixel Fold appear?

Possible costs and release dates for the New Samsung Z Fold 5

Although precise New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 release dates haven’t been reported as of yet, we can reasonably confidently anticipate that they’ll happen next year during the summer or early fall. Samsung foldable gadgets over the previous two generations fell off at this point.

We don’t know the price either, but we anticipate that it will be the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 at $1,799 / £1,649 / AU$2,499. Although we still believe Samsung has to release a more affordable full-size foldable to entice more customers to switch to folding phones, we would be happy if the pricing at least remained consistent.

Samsung’s design and display for the Galaxy Z Fold 5

We’re going to presume that the New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will continue to be a book-style foldable with a thin outside display and an approximately square-shaped interior display in the absence of any leaks to the contrary. 

We expect that the New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 maintains this small but significant adjustment from the New Galaxy Fold 4, which made both screens wider and somewhat shorter in order to make them more useable.

The Z Fold series’ design is unique for how heavy and thick the smartphone must be to accommodate the huge inside display. New materials may have made the Z Fold 5 slightly lighter, but it still probably weighs more than any of the toughest ordinary smartphones.

In fact, according to one report, the phone may be heavier and thicker than the Galaxy Z Foldable 4. However, this would be to make room for a constructed S Pen, so it could be worth the additional weight and depth.

According to prior versions, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5’s displays would measure 6.2 inches on the outside and 7.2 inches on the inside, both with 120Hz refresh rates & OLED panels. 

According to Samsung’s earlier remarks, inner displays may change by possessing a deeper yet broader crease. The stripe through the display becomes less noticeable as a result.

Like the mainframe, it could also be made of various materials, but this time for increased robustness rather than weight reduction.

Finally having onboard space for the S Stylus Fold Edition, which is now available as an add-on, maybe a feature of the Z Fold 5. If Samsung can figure out a method to keep the pen inside the Z Fold 5 without creating a lot of extra bulk, it would be ideal since it is bothersome to have to keep it separate or in a cover that adds a significant amount of mass to the rear of the phone.


We already enjoy the Galaxy Z Foldable 4’s cameras, which, by adopting the very same rear sensors as the Galaxy S22 & Galaxy S22 Plus, have eventually placed the foldable in line with Samsung’s other top phones. 

The foldable has a 50MP primary camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 12MP telephoto camera with 3x magnification, a 10MP exterior selfie camera, and a 4MP inner camera that is located under the display.

Even so, given you’re spending far more than you’d for Samsung’s top camera phone, the Samsung S22 Ultra, more now and better detectors would be great. Fortunately, Samsung has acknowledged in interviews with the media and during a rumoured conference with component suppliers that the Z Fold generation needed to shoot better photos.

Additionally, Samsung has to stop using the internal camera in the display. While it allows you to fully appreciate the display, the picture it provides is just insufficient for uses other than video chats. But because there aren’t any rumours to support our hope, we think it’s still around.


The New Samsung Galaxy Fold 5’s processor will most likely become a Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 or above, which is the best bet. According to Qualcomm’s past announcement timetable, we anticipate this technology to be unveiled soon and to run the majority of Android smartphones by 2023.

The Z Fold 5 could, however, employ a Plus as well as a similarly improved Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 chip in its place. For example, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 CPU, offering it a performance and battery efficiency advantage over smartphones from earlier this year, like the Galaxy S22 series, that use a conventional Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip.

Similar to how Samsung introduced a taskbar on the Z Foldable 4’s interface, we’re sure to see a few new One UI upgrades created especially for the Z Foldable 5’s internal display. We sincerely hope that Samsung’s claim that it plans to develop software that is better suited for the 4:3 internal display is accurate.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and  Samsung Z Flip 5 are highly anticipated devices for 2023 and we are sure Samsung is hard at work making improvements to these devices for the benefit of all Samsung device users.

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