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Scandinavian insulation – why is it useful?

Wellis has been using Scandinavian insulation in its models for years. This contributes greatly to keeping the hot tub warmer for longer, can be used in colder climates, and is much stronger and longer lasting. What should you know about this excellent insulation method?

Scandinavian insulation – superior thermal efficiency

Scandinavian insulation in Wellis hot tubs offers superior thermal efficiency, making it ideal for colder climates. This advanced insulation system includes a multi-layer design that traps heat effectively, reducing energy consumption and maintaining a consistent water temperature. The insulation layers typically consist of a reflective thermal barrier and high-density foam, which together minimize heat loss. Wellis hot tubs with Scandinavian insulation are more energy-efficient, resulting in lower operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, the insulation helps to reduce noise, creating a quieter and more relaxing spa experience.

Scandinavian insulation – durability and longevity

The robust insulation also protects the internal components of the hot tub from extreme cold, enhancing durability and longevity. Scandinavian insulation ensures that the hot tub can be used comfortably year-round, even in the harshest winter conditions. This feature is particularly appealing for those living in northern regions or mountainous areas. Moreover, Wellis hot tubs are designed with attention to detail and quality, ensuring that the insulation seamlessly integrates with the overall structure. Lastly, investing in a Wellis hot tub with Scandinavian insulation provides peace of mind, knowing that the spa will perform efficiently and reliably regardless of external temperatures.

What is new in Wellis Life models?

Wellis spas have received a new type of Life Scandinavian insulation. These insulation boards have been inserted into the spa’s support frame, rather than being attached to the exterior cladding. The insulation is dimensional­ly accurate for the frame’s inner measurements and can be easily installed or uninstalled.

The foam insulation under the rim has also been exchanged for an aes­thetically more pleasing Life insulation.

In the tray, instead of the previous POLYFOAM insulation, we implement­ed the best insulator we could find: Air. We achieved this by installing an ABS sheet near the bottom plate, creating insulating air pockets.

Thanks to the excellent insulation, the water in the Wellis hot tub stays warm for longer. You can even add a great thermo cover, which not only helps with insulation, but also protects your hot tub from dirt.

Get one of our special models with Scandinavian insulation and enjoy year-round relaxation in your own garden!

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