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Seattle Based Cable Manufacturer Offering Data Cable Solutions For Automotive Industry

In prior decades, most cars did not need high speed Ethernet or data transmission cables as the electronics within were mostly there for managing entirely internal systems like engine performance, automatic windows, power steering and others that require negligible or zero data transfer. However with new self-driving cars becoming more prevalent in the market, and even non self-driving cars being built with more complex infotainment and vehicle to vehicle communication systems for passengers and drivers to utilize, the automotive data cable industry is moving from being a small, niche portion of the overall automotive sector to being a crucial one for many vehicle manufacturers. Global Market Insights Inc. reported in October of last year that the automotive data cables market, which was marked at seven billion USD at the time, is projected to be worth a staggering twenty billion USD by the year 2032.

Specialized Cable Solutions Now Available

Technical Cable Applications, one of the most experienced and qualified data cable manufacturers in the United States, is now equipped to provide the specialized assemblies that automotive companies need. They can prototype, test, manufacture and ship cable assemblies and wire harnesses that are extremely durable, capable of transferring data and/or power at high speeds and capacities and fit not only within very tight tolerance requirements, but very tight physical spaces as well considering the sleekness of many modern car models. With their extremely cutting edge facility in the Seattle area, and dozens of highly qualified engineers and technicians, they are now providing powerful cable solutions for automotive needs more than ever.

Expert Opinion on Automotive Cable Trends

Dustin Twiggs, VP at Technical Cable Applications noted “The pioneers in the automobile industry are paving the way for all the other car manufacturers with features like self-driving capability, advancements in V2V communication, in-vehicle electronics and of course being fully electric with great range and reliability.” He continued, “The vehicle manufacturers who aren’t already implementing their own versions of these features, whether they’re massive consumer focused companies or they make business oriented vehicles, are already behind. We’re here to help them catch up, by manufacturing the highest quality cables and harnesses that can support these new technologies and meet the requirements for power, data transfer, reliability and sustainability that they need to match up to.”

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