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Should You Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof

Roofs, like other parts of the house, are prone to wear and damage. Therefore, there will be a period in your homeownership when you must choose between repairing, patching, or replacing your roof. Although they seem similar, they are very distinct in roof maintenance. You will need to consider different factors before choosing what to do with your roof. This article will help you choose the best solution for your roof issues.

Factors to consider before repairing, patching, or replacing your roof

1. Price

People prefer repairs or patching because they are cheaper than a whole roof replacement. Despite this, repairs and fixes can be costly if you need to do them repeatedly. Replacement might be expensive, but it saves you the price of frequent maintenance or patching.

2. Leakages

Leaking on your roof does not imply you need to replace it. If the leak is in a particular spot, you can repair or patch it, but replacing the roof would be a better option if there are too many leaks.

3. How long have you had the roof?

It is one of the vital factors to consider when deciding how to fix your roof. A roof below ten years that has damage but is still determined to be efficient may only need repairs or patching. However, if your roof is ancient and has a lot of issues, replacement should be done.

4.The amount of damage

The likelihood that your roof will need to be replaced increases if you have various problems. These issues include shingles, vents, flashing, and decking. It is because you will deal with structural issues rather than aesthetic ones, which are more common on new roofs.

Should I repair my roof?

Roof repairs are more thorough than patch jobs. It is perfect for moderate and minor fixing of your roof. When a more significant piece of your roof is damaged, repair should be taken into account. When a section of your roof’s shingles or tiles needs fixing, you need roof repairs. A roof repair is ideal when you need a specific region to be re-tiled /re-laid.

Other repairs, such as guttering, flashing, or flat roof resealing, may also be included in roof repairs. Roof patches are more cost-effective than partial repairs, which might result in a significant bill. Repairs are also an excellent way to keep the aesthetic of your house if the damages are minimal. Although repairing a roof may not be substantial, it may still call for scaffolding and garbage disposal on the job site.

Advantages of repairing

  • They are much cheaper than replacements.
  • It is easy to DIY when making roof repairs.
  • It extends the longevity of the roof.

Should I patch my roof?

You can patch a tiny section of your roof at a reasonable price. Patching is the best course of action to fix a handful of damaged shingles in a different spot. You must remove the broken shingle tile before patching. After this is done, a new shingle must be sized and cut appropriately. After, a hammer and some nails will be used to secure it. The shingle is then placed after each nail head has been coated with roofing glue.

The new shingle’s color must match your existing one when you mend it. It can be hard to match the shingle’s color even if you have pieces left from the installation since the roofs fade. Remember to patch your roof; the roofing underlayment must be in good shape. Due to this, it is better to apply patches to small, undetectable regions. Regarding residential roof repairs, patching is still the most cost-effective solution. Make sure your roof material cost is at an affordable price before you start.

Advantages of patching

  • keeps moisture from accumulating
  • A fast fix that removes security risks
  • It is an affordable solution
  • It is quick and easy to do

Should I Replace My Roof?

A complete refurbishment of your roof is required when reroofing or replacing it. It is advisable to thoroughly remove your old roof and install a new one when the state of your roof cannot be fixed. Reroofing typically costs more since it requires brand-new underlayment, entire roofing materials, and quality installation. A qualified roofer should only do re roofing with knowledge of installing high-quality roofs. A roof replacement is ideal when massive wind/snow/ hail damage causes shingles to fall off and dents on the roof. During this time of the year roofing companies can be hard to find, so it’s a good idea to think ahead.

Roofs over twenty years may have a lot of issues, and reroofing would be great since the roof is old. Repairing a roof is less expensive than installing a new one though constant repair may be more costly. Reroofing may also be necessary when your residential area has specific roofing needs to have an excellent aesthetic look.

Advantages of replacing your roof

  • It is a strategy to increase the value of your house.
  • It increases the lifespan of your roof by a significant amount.
  • It provides a significant return on investment
  • It is durable

Things to do before repairing, patching, or replacing your roof


It would be best to research before contacting a roofing company to evaluate your roof. Learn what a roofer may explain to ask the right questions when necessary. Additionally, it would help if you equipped yourself to avoid being duped and replacing your roof when it still has a much helpful life.

Take another look and choose a credible company.

When your salesman suggests a roof replacement, get a second opinion or more to be sure. This will help avoid replacing a roof that only needs repairs. Based on the suggestions from different companies, choose the one which is more credible and trusted. Do thorough background research on the company to be safe.


In conclusion, roof patches are ideal for minor issues; repairs are excellent for minor and moderate problems, while a replacement is suitable for extreme damages. However, unless your roof is inspected, you won’t know what it requires. For this reason, you must obtain an unbiased assessment from a roofing contractor you can rely on. I hope our guide will help you find the best solution for your roofing issues.

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