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Show-Stopping Medium Length Hairstyles

These are the types of hairstyles that are neither too long nor too short. They are usually below the chin but they reach just above the shoulders. Medium length hairstyles give women the freedom to play around with their hair as they have so many ways to style them.

When choosing a medium length hairstyle, consider the volume of your hair and also the texture that your hair has. This is because different hair textures have different styling. In other terms styles that go well for straight hair might not blend well with wavy hair. Some of the most common medium length hairstyles are;

  1. Medium Shoulder Length With Layers

The layers that you get are usually dependent on the volume of hair that you have. Keep the hair at a shoulder-length level so that you can rock the layers comfortably. The layers are easy to achieve especially if you have naturally curly or wavy hair.

  1. Bold Bangs For Shoulder-Length Hair

Bold bangs usually give your hair a fresh and elegant look. Keep the hair on the sides of the head longer than the one on the forehead so that you make the bangs look blunt. You can trim the hair on your forehead to get a perfect fringe. If you are not comfortable with a fringe, you can brush your hair on the side to make a perfect side slide.

  1. One Length Long Layers

Instead of having asymmetrical hair length, cut the hair to attain an even length. This style is perfect for a formal look. This style is simple to make as there are no complicated styling steps to take. It is easy to maintain as only the edges require regular trimming.

  1. Medium Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle is characterized by the presence of short layers on the front of the head. The short layers are made so that some facial features are highlighted. The layers are then paired with an ombre that blends well with the facial features as well as keeping you very fashionable. This is one of the best medium-length hairstyles you should try if you want something really manageable.

  1. Long Hair With Short Layers

If you want to keep your long hair fashionable, you can add shorter layers to it to achieve the perfect look. The layers add volume to your hair at same time retaining your hair texture and natural appearance. The different lengths of the layers help to highlight certain facial features as well as add to your general look.

  1. Colored Long Layers

The addition of color to your natural hair is a way of amplifying your layers. Use lighter colors on the outside so that the layers stand out well at the same time exposing the perfect color blending on the inside. Caramel highlights are the best hue that works well with long layers as it is not too revealing.

  1. Pink Shade Medium Hairstyle

Pink or any other rainbow color is perfect to make your medium side hair look pretty and fashionable. The addition of just a small amount of color can bring a big change to your general appearance. You do not have to color your entire head. The addition of color to a few strands of hair especially at the bottom will complement your medium-sized hair perfectly.

  1. Bold Medium Hairstyle

If you are not afraid to stand out on your own, then choose a bold color for your medium-sized hair. Make different shades from the same color to make a perfect blend of the color. Make bold color shades on the edges in order to attain the perfect classy and fashionable look that you desire.

  1. Light Shades for Medium Length Hairstyles

Choose a color shade that is light to get that trendy lob that you have been eyeing. The light shades blend perfectly with medium-sized layers. For a dramatic look, dye the edges with a mixture of different color shades to get a unique and fashionable look. For those with naturally blonde hair, this hairstyle will give you a pretty look maintaining your natural appearance.

Source: How to Style Shoulder Length Hair.

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