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Signal booster for cell phone: Unfamiliar tips to improve signal strength

Owning a cell phone has become quite common these days. Many can even be found to own more than a single phone. There are easily available different brands of smartphones having different kinds of unique features. All of them claim to offer superior quality communication and complete entertainment. But what if the network signal in your area is week? Chances are you may lose signal in the midst of an important conversation or not able to see your favourite sport scores live! This can be quite frustrating and depressing. What if happens most of the time? This will only make you to feel isolated. In case you run a business, weak signals is likely to hamper your future prospects and even cause dissatisfied customers. Then what should you do? You may contact the professionals at https://www.hiboost.com/ to get an idea of how to improve strength within your budget.

Ways to improve signal strength in your area

Ways to improve signal strength in your area?

To derive stronger signal strength, you may consider the below given tips.

  • Paper clips: This commonly available item when used smartly can help boost signal strength the hassle-free way. Simply place them in your phone’s external antenna (if there is one present). But be careful while implementing this process as improper use may result in the body or screen getting ugly looking scratches.
  • Tape and Tesla Coils: Tie electrical-resonant transformer circuit with a small Tesla coil piece to your phone’s external antenna using same tape. This tip when done properly can help boost signal strength. But it is viable only if the phone has external antennae.
  • Tin-Can Telephone clues: You may create a tin-can telephone soldering two cans. Then attach the same to the phone’s external antenna with some copper wire. Although it takes some time, you can expect amazing results as it helps increase 2-3 signal bars easily on the screen.
  • Use discarded radio antenna: This trick should not be taken lightly as it does work efficiently. Take some copper wire. Using it connect external antenna with the radio antenna and you are sure to get good signal immediately.
  • Not allowing signal bars to go below 2: For signal search, drained batteries are likely to consume more power. Hence, your phone should be kept charged to ensure it remains connectivity issue-free all the time. Your phone battery shoudl be minimum charged by 2 bars at all times. If it drains beyond this point, then consider charging it without any further delay.
  • Extra Antenna: Take an insulated wire piece, ideally of 20 cm in length. Wrap it properly around a stick and create a DIY antenna. Place it on the external antenna and it will function like extra antenna, thus deriving enhanced signal strength. You also can enjoy high quality, uninterrupted browsing and calling experience.

You may use any of the tips above to improve your mobile phone signal strength. Otherwise, the easiest way will be to invest in a good and reliable signal booster for cell phone.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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