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Some Interesting Facts About Cakes

Delightful cakes are part of every occasion that we desire to celebrate. Such delicacies are good to gift and pamper your dear ones. Now that we all are pretty much fond of cakes, there are certain facts that we are unaware of. Yes, just like flowers, chocolates, plants, cakes even have interesting facts. Today, under this blog, we have compiled some facts to enlighten you about cakes and their originality. For centuries, we have been savouring cakes and the way they are made, we have been experimenting and bringing something out of the box but, we still remain unknown of how they came, what brought tiered cakes to life or how the chocolate cake was first prepared. So, let’s have a look at the facts we have covered for you.

  • The top cake flavour across the globe is Chocolate, followed by vanilla flavour. Popularly known as German chocolate cake; this cake was made by an American Samuel German and no, it wasn’t prepared in Germany. The original name is German’s Chocolate cake and not just German chocolate cake.
  • Do you know – Daily 50-100 million birthday cakes are eaten by the world population and the UK spends over Euro 368 million each year on birthday cakes.
  • The fastest-growing recipe search is Cupcake according to Google, and people are loving this irresistible treat.
  • The world’s largest cake was made of 6.18 tons in Las Vegas, and that cake weighed equivalent to an African Elephant.
  • Until the 18th century, the cakes were made of grain, and they were flat in shape. The cakes were raised with yeast, and they were more of a bread type.
  • The world’s most expensive cake, ‘Pirate Fantasy’, was about $35 million. Quite a luxury cake, we must say!
  • If you want to devour rich flavours of fruit cake, let them get old. When refrigerators were not there, a fruit cake used to be the wedding cake. Also, Roman crusaders used to eat it, which kept them energised. To keep the cake for long, the fruits were soaked in brandy and rum and then added to the cake.
  • Birthday cakes became quite famous in the 17th century. But only upper-class people could afford it because sugar was very expensive. As the prices of the ingredients used in the cake dropped by the 18th century, the cakes were available for locals as well.
  • Do you know how Royal icing got the status of Royal? Well, this simple icing technique was used to coat Queen Victoria’s cake. She was the first one to bring pure white icing to wedding cakes. This icing is made of softly beaten eggs, lime juice and icing sugar, and until 1840, it was just the icing.
  • The first tiered wedding cake was made for Queen Victoria’s daughter Victoria in 1958. Queen Victoria’s wedding cake was single-tiered but, it was 3 yards wide and weighed 300lbs.
  • The fruity, iced cake on Christmas is fairly a modern edition to this festival. Before, the traditional Twelfth cake was enjoyed in the 19th century when the Christmas season was coming close.
  • You might be unaware of what the middle layer of the cake is called. The middle layer of the cake is covered with frosting, and it is called Whoopie Pies.
  • It was meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy’s 85th birthday when 100s of people came, and 72,585 candles were adorning the birthday cake. This sets a world record for the largest number of candles on a birthday cake.
  • Patrick Bertoletti set a world record for eating 72 cupcakes in 6 minutes in 2012. Quite an impossible thing to do, isn’t it? But he did, as he is known as a competitive eater.
  • It is said that the red velvet cake recipe is an act of revenge. Before, the recipe was not widely available. A lady went to the restaurant and had red velvet. As she asked for the recipe, the restaurant charged her $100. Hence, she got furious and widely circulated the red velvet cake recipe.

You must have read all the facts that we stated. So, what do you think about it? Now, whenever you would prepare eggless cake in Noida or might opt for online cake delivery in Noida, you would smile knowing the history of the cakes. Such amusing facts of delightful delicacies make them more tempting. So, read, smile and increase your knowledge about cakes with us.

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Uneeb Khan
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