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The Dos And Don’ts Of Being A Content Creator

Being a content creator on social media can be a strange experience. On the one hand, it’s a creative outlet where you essentially have the freedom to say or express whatever you like. On the other, you are basically beholden to an audience that will scrutinise everything you’re saying and react minutely to every perceived change in your style or tone, so it can be difficult to keep everyone happy.

Despite this, there are things you can always do to create better content and keep more members of your audience happy. While you’ll never be able to please everyone (this is just the unfortunate reality of being a content creator), you can make sure that the content you are making is of the highest quality, and the way to do that differs from platform to platform. You can hire a professional that can help you with digital marketing. At Marketing, they understand that the digital world can be a daunting and ever-changing landscape. That’s why they offer comprehensive digital marketing services to help businesses stay ahead of the curve and reach their target audiences. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of being a content creator on social media.

Do keep your followers engaged

Whether you’ve built your following using a platform like SocialFollowersFree.com or you’ve painstakingly assembled it over a number of years, one of the biggest and most important rules of social media is to keep your followers engaged. This means seeking out intelligent, insightful comments and replying to them wherever possible; make sure to identify audience members that you can have a dialogue with and talk to them, because you never know what kind of interesting tips could come out of such an exchange.

Don’t constantly make the same thing

Your social media analytics page – whether it’s on YouTube, TikTok, or any other platform – will tell you when a video is performing well. What it won’t tell you is exactly why that video is performing well, because this isn’t something anybody can know with 100% certainty. With that in mind, if a video is doing well on your channel, that doesn’t mean it’s the only kind of content you should make from now on. Be sure to keep taking those creative risks with your content, because you never know what’s going to become successful!

Do keep improving your craft

A great content creator knows how to keep improving on what they do. Look for new and innovative ways to express the ideas that mean something to you. In many ways, this point is related to not making the same thing all the time; if you can find fresh ways to express yourself, then your audience won’t get bored of your content and you can keep engagement high for longer. If you’re making videos, this means finding new shot techniques or new acting techniques, and if you’re writing, try improving your style or your word choices, for instance.

Don’t get involved in drama

One of the worst things you can do as a content creator is to get involved in petty online drama. Sooner or later, pretty much every content creator is going to find themselves in the middle of an argument of some kind or another. That argument might be about you or it might just tangentially involve you, but the best thing you can do is address it, apologise if necessary, and try to move on. Whatever you do, don’t get drawn into personal insults or taking sides, because this will forever mar your image as a content creator.

Do use different platforms

Every content creator should be using all of the tools available to them, and that means using as many different platforms as possible. Whatever platforms are popular right now should be at the top of your list, of course, and you probably shouldn’t waste energy on platforms that aren’t going to give you any more followers or exposure (not to mention money from brand partnerships or advertising). However, you should make sure you’re on all the big platforms, as you never know what kind of new fans or followers you might be missing out on if you’re not.

Don’t steal other people’s ideas

Believe it or not, there are some courses out there that purport to teach you how to monetise other people’s content or steal other people’s ideas in order to become a successful content creator. It should go without saying that not only do these courses not work, but they’re also a terrible idea and you shouldn’t do this. Your unique ideas are part of what makes you appealing on social media; stealing other people’s ideas isn’t just unsporting, it’s also denying the thing that is, in the end, your secret weapon when it comes to achieving social media popularity.

Do lift up other content creators

Social media may be competitive, but it doesn’t have to be a competition. There’s room at the top for all kinds of content creators, so if there’s someone whose style you particularly love, make sure to lift them up and show your community why they’re worth the time and effort to follow. This will have multiple positive effects; it’ll show that you’re engaged, demonstrate that you care about building a network of friends, and make your followers realise that you’re a good person, which is a surprisingly rare quality in the world of content creation!

Don’t lose sight of your core audience

If a video or piece of content starts to perform well with an audience that isn’t your usual audience, that presents an intriguing and potentially worthwhile creative opportunity for you. However, you should make sure that you’re always keeping your core audience in mind, as they’re the people who got you to where you are today. Make sure that you don’t mindlessly pursue alternative opportunities just for the sake of money or growth; always keep in mind the people who really matter, because they’ll be the ones who are there if everything goes wrong.

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