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The Future of Payroll Services and Cloud Innovation in the Workplace

Innovative cloud-based programs are becoming more and more common in the workplace. Cloud-based programs have many benefits, including accessibility, performance, increased storage, portability and easier collaboration. There are many applications for cloud-based programs, including payroll services programs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of cloud-based applications for businesses.

More companies are utilizing cloud-based applications

Cloud-based business applications are still a relatively new phenomenon. Businesses were slow to adopt these applications at first, particularly larger businesses. However, cloud-based applications are now becoming ubiquitous across the business landscape. This is because many companies have realized that these applications offer various benefits.

Also, software companies are figuring out new ways to use cloud technology for different types of programs. Cloud-based storage programs are still the most popular type of cloud application, but other programs, such as payroll services applications, also use cloud technology to significant effect.

Benefits of cloud-based applications


Perhaps the most crucial benefit of using cloud-based applications is improved performance. This benefit is often overshadowed by the increased storage that cloud applications offer. However, cloud applications can also significantly increase the performance of the devices they are used on.

Traditional applications that save large amounts of data on a hard drive can slow down computers. Businesses that move large amounts of data from their computers to the cloud will likely notice an immediate significant performance increase. This will allow employees to complete tasks more quickly.

Increased storage

Cloud applications offer more storage than programs that save to a computer’s hard drive. The original application for a cloud-based technology was file storage, and most cloud-based programs are still built around this functionality. Cloud-based storage can offer dozens or even hundreds of times as much storage as a hard drive.

Also, cloud-based storage subscriptions can simply be changed if a business starts to run out of storage space. The company would have to buy numerous external hard drives if it needed additional offline storage.


Portability is another significant benefit offered by cloud-based applications. Cloud-based applications can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. By contrast, physical hard drives can only be accessed from the location of the hard drive.

Cloud technology allows employees to work both in the office and remotely. Even employees on business trips can easily access the same programs as employees in the office and do the same work.

Not only does this allow for greater flexibility, it will enable companies to offer remote positions to employees. Many prospective employees are looking for remote jobs, so using cloud applications may increase the talent pool the company has access to.

Easier collaboration

One of the most underrated benefits offered by cloud applications is easier collaboration. Instead of emailing files or bringing people into the office so they can access the company’s hard drives, collaborators only need to have access to the same cloud storage program.

This makes working with other companies on the same project much more straightforward. It also makes it easier to outsource work to freelancers. This is becoming increasingly common because it can save companies a great deal of money and give them access to specialized talent they don’t have in their workforce.

Lower costs

Companies that use cloud-based applications won’t have to spend money on external hard drives to expand the storage of their devices. They also won’t need to purchase costly high-performance computers, as their existing computers will perform better with cloud applications.

Companies will not even need to buy USB drives. While USB drives are cheap per unit, the cost can add up if a company needs to purchase many. Even small businesses that use cloud applications can save thousands per month on the cost of expensive electronic devices.

Many leading payroll services programs use cloud-based storage

While file storage is the original application for cloud-based programs and is still the most common, other types of applications use cloud frameworks to great effect. Payroll services programs, in particular, can be significantly enhanced by cloud-based frameworks.

These programs often need to store a large amount of data. A cloud-based storage program can easily accommodate all the data a payroll services program needs to save.

Also, cloud storage programs offer a high level of security. This is important when safeguarding sensitive information like bank account details and Social Security numbers. Finally, payroll services programs, especially those used by large companies, need to be able to process a large amount of data quickly.

This process would take a long time using a hard drive-based program, but cloud-based programs can complete these processes far more rapidly. It should come as little surprise that many of the leading payroll services programs on the market today use cloud-based frameworks.

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