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The Step-By-Step Guide to Appeal to Modern Customers

The biggest challenge facing businesses today is appealing to the modern customer. Although modern customers aren’t afraid to spend the dough, they need convincing before they jump on board with you. This, quite simply, is the hardest part. Once customers have made their initial purchase (or purchases) from you, you’ve won half the battle – as all you need to do next is ensure their loyalty.

But how do you appeal to the modern customer? What makes Gen Z, the millennials, and the generations before they tick? These are golden questions that are addressed in the following step-by-step guide, which is a great tool for any ambitious business owner out there!

1.   Have a mobile app

The first step in appealing to modern customers is ensuring your business has a mobile app. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or the types of products you offer; you need a mobile app if you want to grow your audience and experience higher engagement levels.

This is because consumers these days love to shop online, especially using their mobiles. According to Statista, mobile retail commerce revenue (via smartphones) is expected to generate 221 billion U.S. dollars worth of sales in 2021 and an estimated 400+ billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

Your business can’t afford to miss out on this party. Mobile shopping is here – and it’s here to stay. So, if you don’t have a mobile app or want to improve your existing one, visit https://smartboost.ai/ for professional help. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or global brand – they’ll take care of your needs.

2.   Post tons of content to social media

53.6% of the world’s population uses social media, which is mind-blowing. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that your business takes advantage of this by posting content across all the different platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat. Your content should be consumer-friendly and deeply tied to your brand. Also, it should come with excellent call-to-actions. For example, Instagram posts should indicate clearly where customers should go to buy your products (“Product link in bio”; “Stores open at 9AM”). You get the idea.

3.   Be active on YouTube

YouTube is another great tool for appealing to the modern customer. Here, you can post company updates, product trailers, behind-the-scenes vlogs, and lots of other interesting content that is sure to please your audience.

4.   Provide an excellent online shopping system

As previously mentioned, online shopping is now insanely popular. So, along with your mobile app, you need to allow customers to buy products through your website and (potentially) your social media pages, too. Try and keep shipping costs to a minimum, and create an easy returns policy to give customers peace of mind.

5.   Ask lots of questions

You can learn a lot about customers just by asking them questions. You can send them Email Survey, post questionnaires to social media, and even arrange automatic call-backs to ask them for their opinions on your customer service.

6.   Use influencers

Influencers – when used correctly – are the holy grail of social media marketing (that is, at least, for the time being). There are different types of influencers that you can work with, depending on your budget. For example, there are nano-influencers (1K to 10K followers) and mid-tier influencers (50K to 500K followers) that you can consider trying.

7.   Have engaging brand values

Customers want to know your brand values so that they can gauge what you’re about and what you stand for. Therefore, make sure that you display this clearly in your work online, and each of your employees fully understands it.

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