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Tips for Effective Company Branding

Many would argue in today’s super competitive market, a company’s branding is the key to its success. Indeed, if you look at the world’s biggest firms, without exception, they all have their branding nailed to a tee, sending a consistent and immediately identifiable message across all media, from their packaging to their website, email communications, social channels, and so on.

If managed correctly, strong branding could propel your company to new heights and help you extend into markets you previously didn’t even know existed. The key is working out the message you want to send and the image you want to propel.

It’s worth remembering branding is, in essence, your firm’s personality so there are no limits in terms of what you could achieve.

Branding Means Taking a Ground-Up Approach

Effective branding is a science in itself and could easily justify an article one hundred times longer than we have space for here but, as a starting point, you should try to consider the key facets of your firm. Ideally, you should already have a short maxim that sums up what you do and what you can offer clients. You should also have an immediately recognizable logo – something that reflects your firm whether that be based on your services or just an ident that stands out. Note, you should hire the services of a professional logo designer, rather than taking the DIY approach and attempting this yourself.

When it comes to your online profile, you should ensure you maintain consistency across all channels, whether that be on your website, email marketing, social channels, and so on. It should be immediately obvious to your visitors that they are viewing content that belongs to your firm.

Define Your ‘Voice’

Take a look at the world’s most successful companies and you’ll see they all take a consistent approach to their marketing and branding. The channels might change but the underlying message stays the same and helps build brand familiarity. For example, if you visit Apple content, you’ll immediately know it belongs to the firm, whether you’re on the company’s Twitter account, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. Of course, this is significantly helped by the company’s iconic logo, but you’ll still see consistency across their content and brand message.

Choose Your Ideal Channels and Use Them Regularly

Today’s marketing landscape is almost unrecognizable compared to that of even twenty years ago. Where once companies were limited to traditional media like TV, radio, press, or billboard advertising, social media marketing has completely upended the number of options available.

Of course, you should be looking to promote your firm across all the main platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram – but also don’t forget the potential of smaller channels, like Pinterest or LinkedIn, each of which could bring significant benefits, depending on your particular market demographic.

For example, in January 2022, the user base of Pinterest was noted to be 76.7% female, meaning if your firm concentrates particularly on offering female-oriented goods or services, Pinterest could provide the ideal marketing platform for your company. You should spend time researching the social channels, so you can choose the ones that work best for you. 

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