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Tips to Choose the Right Plastwood Sheet Manufacturer

As the world is moving forward toward improvements and innovations, it is inevitable to embrace change in every aspect of life. It might be in technology, education, food, transport, and even architecture.

Now, it is said that changes happen, and new ideas are brought into reality by great minds. In the field of architecture, as the interior and exterior designs of homes and commercial buildings transcend, new materials are created to suit today’s definition of beauty and aesthetics. These products are not only to lure the attention of the homeowners and business person for beauty but also with their outstanding features with the purpose of making the home a safe place to live in and the building standing firm and tall.

One of the products of these innovations is the Plastwood Sheet. This material is popular for interior and exterior projects and is best for modern architectural design.

So, to learn more about this exciting plastwood material, here are a few things that you need to know:

What is Plastwood Sheet

Plastwood sheet is a material created to somehow replace natural wood while still maintaining its look and beauty. See? It promotes environmental care in reducing deforestation while making your project naturally beautiful.

What is more? Well, the thing about the plastwood is that it is lightweight in its property and far more durable and flexible than wood. This is made from a high-quality plastic that is recyclable, eco-friendly indeed or known as uPVC/PVCu (unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride).

In terms of its usage, since Plastwood Sheet is flexible, it sets no boundaries. The material offers the world versatile purposes. It is primarily suitable for interior and exterior decorations like built-in furniture in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and any part of the house and building. Also, it can be useful in the interior design of an airplane, passenger cabin, train, bus, and even good in an electrical panel, oil pump dispensers, wood paneling, wall, ceiling, CNC stencil, or Plastwood stencil, and many more.

Moreover, Plastwood sheets champion the benefits that you can get, for it is engineered to outstand the qualities of natural wood. These are the following: Termite and Insect Resistant / Mold and Fungi Resistant, Waterproof, Heat Resistant, Soundproof, Lightweight, Durable, does not swell, does not burn, Smooth, Pliable, Industrially friendly, Aesthetically appealing, and Resistant to chemicals.

  • Termite and Insect Resistant / Mold and Fungi Resistant – the material is made from plastic which makes it inedible to termites and cannot be inhabited by molds, fungi, and insects. This makes the material last longer than the wood.
  • Waterproof – the process of making the plastwood involves pressing the plastics to make sure that the membrane is watertight to fully resist the absorption of water, unlike typical wood material, which absorbs water.
  • Heat Resistant – the problem of heat absorption, which makes your home or building warm, is no problem since this has a high tolerance and deflect makes it more suitable indoors and outdoors for thermal insulation.
  • Soundproof – the structured membrane of the plastwood sheet lessens the transmission of loud noise appropriate to be installed in rooms and offices. 
  • Lightweight – as it is said that the material is plastic, making it obvious that the plastwood is lighter than the natural wood yet lasts longer.
  • Durable – by the process of pressing, allowing the material to be compact and watertight makes it durable and can withstand anything more than other materials can.
  • Does not rot –it does not rot because it is waterproof, and water cannot penetrate the material, ensuring that its life span is longer.
  • Does not swell – since it is waterproof and heat resistant, this will make it less likely to expand.
  • Does not burn – the product is hard to ignite, supports combustion, burns slowly, and is easy to extinguish the fire. So, simply say, this material is made to withstand fire.
  • Smooth – you will not have a problem sanding the plastwood sheet because it is already smooth on the surface, unlike wood.
  • Pliable – though it is strong and durable, the material is still flexible or pliable, which makes it easy to bent, drill, and stencil while remaining its figure appealing and pleasing in appearance.
  • Industrially friendly – one of the reasons why plastwood sheet is popular in the market is because it is industrially friendly and easy to be installed. People loving “DIY” products are enticed by them. 
  • Aesthetically appealing – a variety of colors are available and even can be painted if you want. This brings aesthetics to your projects.
  • Resistant to chemicals – the projects that you might be doing are less exposed to a chemical. However, the material is good for areas where high exposure to chemicals is placed since plastwood sheets can withstand harsh chemicals.

More features are as follows: distinctive, glossy surface, convenient, white color is available, thickness, smooth surface polishing, cellular structure, high corrosion resistance, excellent impact resistance, consistent density, good for insulation anti-aging, unfading, good for silkscreen printing, no deformation, no sopping, good tenacity, and high rigidity.

What is Plastwood Stencil & How does it Work

Before discussing what Plastwood Stencil is, let us define first the term “stencil.” According to the dictionary, “Stencil is a device used for applying a pattern, words, design, etc., to a surface, consisting of a thin sheet of either metal, cardboard, or other medium from which figures or letters have been etched or cut out; a dye or any coloring substance, like ink, or so, is being rubbed, brushed, or pressed over the sheet, passing through the perforations and onto a surface.” In other words, it is a craftmanship where an image can be copied or multiplied easily. This technique is popular in duplicating designs, letters, symbols, and other images.

Aside from the Plastwood sign, Plastwood Stencil is a product out of plastwood sheet. This is made with patterns or designs cut out or stenciled in the plastwood sheet. Therefore, this is where the name of the product, Plastwood Stencil, came from “Plastwood” which refers to the material and the word “Stencil” is the process of how the designs are realized. 

How does Plastwood Stencil work? This is useful for your project’s interior and exterior design. It offers a wide array of unique and elegant designs. Given that people nowadays are looking for aesthetics, the Plastwood Stencil works on the oozing fresh, vibrant appeal that it can add to your house or building. This can be installed in your ceiling, wall, door, gate, in between the baluster, and many more areas.

Why Plastwood Sign is Best For Your Business

Plastwood Sign is another useful merchandise where signages are printed on the surface of the plastwood sheet. No need to dwell on rust or the signage being rotten, nor will it make the color fade since the material is an Artificial wood or, to be more specific, it is made from plastics. So, is it best to use Plastwood Sign for your business? A very big YES! As it is mentioned, the material used in the signage is Plastwood sheet, which is durable, waterproof, rust resistant, and smooth. Given these features, you can assure that your signage for your business can last long and vibrantly appeal to those who will see it.

What is the difference between natural and artificial wood?

Artificial wood is made out of plastics coping with the appearance of natural wood. However, these two materials differ in many aspects. For artificial wood, termites, insects, molds, and fungi are not interested in either eating or inhibiting the membrane. This makes the material more durable and can last longer. While natural wood is prone to the said pests and absorbs water that makes the wood decay and destroys, especially when not cured. 

With this comparison that we have, we can say that Artificial wood is better in terms of its quality and feature. It offers the buyers quality, durability, longevity, strength, and other benefits. Though, others who love natural wood will say that nothing can replace the natural beauty of wood.

However, at the end of the day, it is your choice of what material will best suit your taste. 

10 Tips to Choose the Right Plastwood Sheet Manufacturer in Thailand

Architecture designers and experts suggest that to preserve the natural beauty of your house or building, the use of plastwood sheets is one of the best choices for home furnishing materials. 

Every detail of the home or building creates a pleasant vibe and aura that brings happiness to the homeowners and customers. That being said, every piece of the design contributes to the fulfillment and well-being of the people inside the house or establishment. 

In line with that, materials to be used in building your project must be cherry-picked.

Here are the 10 Tips on how to Choose the Right Plastwood Sheet Manufacturer in Thailand:

  1. Years of Service of the Manufacturer – in choosing a well-grounded Plastwood Manufacturer in Thailand, take into consideration the years of service that the manufacturer has in the service. This information tells something about how trusted the manufacturer is and the product they made. The longer the service, the best the product you can get.
  1. Manufacturer’s location – it is important to know the location of the manufacturer to reduce the time that you will take before you can get the product to your house or building. 
  1. Other services of the manufacturer – knowing the other services that the manufacturer can offer will be beneficial in a way that there might be things that you need in your project that they can provide. Having this, it will lessen your effort in looking for another manufacturer of your needed materials.
  1. Costumers Online Reviews – considering the online reviews of the customers will give you a hint about the quality of services and the product that the manufacturer offers. Good and bad feedback will help you decide whether you will purchase or not.
  1. Values and Ethics in Manufacturing the Product – Taking the values and ethics in manufacturing, the product are caring for the environment. It is important to know whether the process of making the Plastwood Sheet is environmentally friendly or not, especially when it comes to companies like Unistage Manufacturing who prioritize sustainable production methods.
  1. Quality of the Manufactured Product – the quality of the is important simply because you would not wish for your money to go in vain for something that is not worth it.
  1. Benefits from the Product – knowing the benefits that you can get from the product is like scrutinizing its quality. Plastwood Sheets with more benefits, such as their durability, long life span, and other discussed paybacks, are like paying one thing for everything.
  1. Purpose of your Purchase – if you buy a product without having no purpose, buying is useless. But if you buy because you want to have a wood-like material in your interior and exterior project, then Plastwood Sheet is the answer for that.
  1. Materials used in manufacturing – identifying the materials used in manufacturing helps you decide whether to buy the product or not. It is like taking into consideration the values and ethics of the product. Well, plastwood sheet is made from recyclable plastics, which are eco-friendly. 
  1. Consider your budget – the best way to lessen the cost of the building of your house and house is to buy a quality product. Plastwood sheet is expensive when paid upfront. However, with the years it will last, you can say that you have a good deal. So, consider your budget and buy quality products.

But where to buy this Quality Plastwood Sheet in Thailand?

To ensure that you can buy a quality Plastwood Sheet, buy to the most trusted company of, Thai Plastwood.

For over 28 years, the Thai Plastwood Company in Thailand, located at 500/2, 3 Rd. FL., K.M. Riverside Build., Rama 3 Rd., Bangkhlo, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 under the brand of “Mountain” offers you high-quality flat Plastwood Sheets with the production technology from Germany. You can make sure that the quality of the product is as strong and durable as its company.

For more information, kindly visit www.thaiplastwood.com or contact the telephone number: 0-2291-9595/ mobile number: 061-165-5570 or email us at [email protected].

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