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Top 5 video games about teenagers

Are you a fan of teen dramas and have watched all the seasons of “Skins”, “The O.C.”, “Veronica Mars”, “Euphoria”, “Riverdale” and “Gossip Girl”? Buffy is still your favorite character and you like to rewatch “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” instead of gambling on TonyBet WebSite or enjoying movies of another genre on Netflix? For those who want to play teen dramas on PC or console, we’ve compiled a  list of the top 5 video games about teenagers.

Beyond: Two souls (2013)

Interactive drama and action-adventure game with an impressive setting and storyline. The main playable character of the game, Jodie Holmes is a teenage girl with supernatural ability: she has a connection to her mysterious psychic entity Aiden, that helps her manipulate certain objects and perform other things.

This mysterious entity lives in the world of the dead, and Jodie also exists in two worlds. It doesn’t make her life easier – she needs to make serious choices and save the world. The game also tackles typical teenage topics such as bullying – because of her superpower and sensitivity Jodie is a typical school outsider who is bullied by other teenagers.

“Until Dawn” (2015)

This game is an interactive drama with elements of survival horror and choices and it was an absolute hit in 2015. Eight teenagers (Beth, Sam, Chris, Jessica, Mike, Emily, Matt, Ashley, and Josh)  have decided to enjoy the winter vacation in a country house isolated from civilization. The feast is interrupted by a series of frightening situations that eventually involve teenage pranks, the serial killer, and an ancient curse.

“The Quarry” (2022)

The worthy adversary to its predecessor, “Until Dawn”, an interactive survival horror game with choices. It follows the nine playable teenage characters in the summer camp. As in many teen movies and series, they look like they embody certain stereotypes (Jacob looks like a typical dumb jock, and Laura mean and bitchy school diva).

The plot includes not only horror twists (the camp and the forest are full of creepy monsters!) but romantic and platonic relationships between Laura and Jacob and Abigail and Nick. And the dialogues between characters are very realistic with teenage joker, banter,  and flirtations. And the game itself is a good interactive film with hidden mine areas, family drama, and an interesting plot. The nine teenagers must not only survive one night in the mysterious camp but find out, who the monsters are. The game has over  180 potential endings and the co-op mode.

“Wolfenstein: Youngblood” (2019)

This game in our list is the perfect choice for those who are passionate about shooters. “Wolfenstein: Youngblood” is the first-person shooter spin-off of the acclaimed Wolfenstein game series. The action is set in an alternate universe, where World War II was won by Germany and its allies.

The daughters of the series protagonist B.J. Blaskowitz, teenage twins Sophie and Jess go to Paris to find their missing father. The game is focused on cooperative play paired with a friend.  Even if the setting doesn’t have school and school enemies, it doesn’t make the game less interesting.

“Life is Strange” (2015, remastered version in 2022)

An interactive third-person adventure movie was released for various platforms, including the PC. The main player character, Maxine (Max) Caulfield is a teenage outsider with her problems, which are at the first sight no different from problems of other teenagers. She is an outsider, who has a hard time finding common ground with other teens.

However, in addition to the usual teenage problems, Max has a supernatural ability: she suddenly discovers that she can rewind time and even stop the murder of her old friend Chloe. As a result, the girls find themselves in the epicenter of events that later threaten to demolish the entire city. And the game itself is very atmospheric with the autumn entourage of a sunlit provincial American town and the realistic school-life teenage experiences.

Of course, there are more games with main playable teenage characters such as “A Plague Tale: Innocence”, “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”, “Obscure”, “Detention”, “Bully: Scholarship Edition” , “Cry of Fear”, “Japanese School Life”, “Monster High: New Ghoul in School”, “Psychonauts”, “Dodgeball Academia” and “Lollipop Chainsaw”. Released in 2023 “Hogwarts Legacy” the first RPG about the Harry Potter universe also follows the teenage magician. So, ready to dive in the interactive teenage experience? You definitely will have a good choice then!

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