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Top ways to pick the right colors for your walls

If you are painting the walls of your home for the first time or thinking of repainting the walls, deciding the colors can be quite confusing given the wide range of colors that the market is flooded with. If picking the right colors for your space is making you confused then you’ve landed in the correct place. The colors of our walls have a direct impact on our mood so choosing the right colors is vital. Also, a color that might look beautiful on one wall might not appear that well on another as different spaces require different colors depending on many factors. For your aid, let’s have a look at ways that help you to pick the right colors for your home.

  • Choose colors that complement the furniture- Consider taking a look at the furniture of your home before deciding on the wall painting colors. The colors used on your walls must make your furniture stand out. This method would provide you with an ample number of colors for your walls. To find these colors you can go through the shade card provided by different paint manufacturing companies like Asian paints, Nerolac paints, Berger paints, etc. To establish a connection between various elements of your space you must decide on the color according to the furniture and other elements.
  • Consider the size of your space– Blinding putting a color on the wall without considering the size of the space can lead to unsatisfying results. If you want to make a smaller space look bigger then you should consider painting the space with a lighter color. However, if you paint a large space with lighter colors then the space might look extremely big and hinder the privacy of that area. On the other hand, using darker shades will make the space look enclosed. Depending on what the size of your room is, you can apply different shades. 
  • Match the color according to the vibe you require in the room– Different colors create a different vibe in the room. Here’s where color psychology plays its role. Various colors signify various emotions. For instance, yellow creates a happy and hopeful vibe, blue signifies calmness, red has a triggering impact, green color shades signify growth and healing, etc. According to the mood you are willing to establish and according to the purpose for which the space is built, you must choose a suitable color.
  • Create contrasts in your rooms- Painting your rooms with a single color will make them look monotonous, instead, you should go for colors that are contrasting. This way all the walls of your room will stand out. The level of contrast that should be used depends on the size and purpose of the room. Using a darker shade on one wall and lighter on the rest will create a good contrasting effect on your room. However, too much contrast may irritate your view, therefore a balance should be maintained. You can also hire a color expert who can decide the colors on your behalf for a minimum fee. 
  • Decide the wall color keeping in mind other architectural elements- Other than the walls, elements like doors, windows, etc. should also be considered for a beautiful wall painting. Playing with these elements can make the space look interesting. Try to establish a visual connection between these elements and the color of the walls so that the collective look turns out to be fascinating. 

If considering so many points is tiresome for you, then you should hire a professional who will decide the color scheme of your house that will align with your vision. Added to that if you want to explore the wide range of colors and textures offered by numerous brands then you must consider taking a look at aapkapainter.com. 

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Uneeb Khan
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