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How to upload 4K videos on TikTok without losing Quality

How to upload 4K videos on TikTok without losing Quality. If you register on a social network, you should understand that you will have to play there by their rules. Depending on what is the “natural habitat” of the service: a mobile or stationary device, the restrictions may be stronger or weaker. This does not always suit users. Let’s talk about how to improve video quality in TikTok.

Why does TikTok reduce video quality when uploading 4K videos on TikTok?

There are many things that affect what content users of the service will see. In the case of TikTok, the mobile video network, they are The most common screen resolution. Of course, now there are gadgets with 4k. However, for most people, devices support a maximum of Full HD, so there is no point in allowing the best quality to be used – all the same, most users will not see the difference. Download speed.

As I wrote above, TikTok is an application for mobile devices. Of course, many people use Wi-Fi, but what about those who prefer a regular network?

After all, a high resolution weighs much more, which means it will slow down both the creation of a post and its viewing – no one likes to watch video freezes.

Server volume. Many people think of services as magic. In fact, this is not the case. The entire Internet can be thought of as a huge local area network, and when you start playing videos, your phone makes a request to another computer so that you can see everything.

These computers, created specifically for storing and uploading videos and other information, are called servers, and their memory capacity is not unlimited. Again, quality files take up more space and require more processing power and space from developers.

These are the main reasons why Tik Tok will inevitably make videos of too high quality worse. And, as we can see, this is quite significant. Tik Tok spoils the video quality for its rational reasons.

How to improve the quality of videos when downloading in TikTok?

The main thing that you should do is set the best quality initially when shooting. In the TikTok application itself, the parameters were initially selected that allows you to squeeze the maximum out of the phone camera. You won’t be able to bypass the restrictions of the social network, no matter how hard you try. If you see any software that allows you to improve the quality of videos during download, for example, up to 2k, my recommendation to you is not to click on the Download button. They cannot deliver what they promise, so you run the risk of falling into the hands of scammers. The consequences are obvious: account hacking or money loss.

Also, you should be aware that low-speed connections can negatively affect downloads. So, ensure yourself a good internet – it’s useful not only for watching clips but also for creating publications.

Can TikTok improve the quality of the video while watching?

Surely, it often happens to you that you see some kind of trash, a good joke, but the blogger has a habit of reducing the quality for unknown reasons, as a result, the details of the video can be seen not just badly, but catastrophically. If the problem is that a person is filming with a camera from 2007, you cannot do anything – the application has not reduced anything, which means that improvement is impossible. The reasons why TikTok reduces video quality are good. But for the same good intentions, they can compress clips even more. The social network has an option that allows you to use it with a low speed of connection to the mobile network.

You can disable it as follows:

  • We open our profile by clicking on the icon with a person in the lower right corner
  • Click on the three points on the top right
  • Opened settings, go to the “Data saving” section
  • There is only one switch here. For the application to work normally, make it inactive

A serious attitude to the profile in this or that social network obliges the user to understand by what rules he will have to play. In particular, it is important to understand what requirements the service makes for the main materials. In this article, we talked about how to improve the quality of TikTok videos, and, alas, there are not so many ways.

Questions from our Readers

#1. How can I improve my content?

First, you need to be aware of trends, borrow ideas, and rework them for yourself. Second, constantly analyze your success and the performance of your competitors. This is the only way you can learn something new and understand how effectively your work is going. You can do so by following the weekly TikTok trends.

# 2. Why work on quality?

At TikTok, the main engine of success is recommendations. Popular profiles constantly strive to get there in order to gain views and subscribers. To go out into the rivers, you need to make quality publications.

# 3. What are the requirements for videos uploaded to Tik Tok?

The same as for Instagram: 1080 by 1920 resolution, mp4 or MOV format, aspect ratio 9 by 16, and the maximum weight is 250 megabytes for iOS and 75 for Android.

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