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What Do Structural Engineers Do?

Engineering is always evolving. Existing ones get modified, and new ones emerge over time as needs change or come up. Structural engineering is an emerging area of engineering typically regarded as a subset of civil engineering. You might know that government, residential and commercial projects require structural engineers. But what do these engineers do?

Building Structure Design

Once an architect has finished designing a building, the structural engineer comes in to calculate the load the building is meant to carry. They then design suitable structures that can bear that weight, telling the main engineer the materials they should use for the structure.

The structural engineer, when designing the structure, will also calculate the building’s ability to bear unseen forces such as wind gusts factoring in conditions such as the land’s topology. They do this to minimize the effects these factors will have on the longevity and span of the final building.

Because of this, companies providing structural engineering Saint Louis services are responsible for the safety of the building as well as that of its residents. Structural engineers use their skills and various tools available to them to ensure this.

Building Structure Maintenance

All buildings require maintenance after some time. A structural engineer is supposed to assess the building before any maintenance. This is to ensure the structure is still intact and will continue being so until the next inspection or maintenance. By doing so, they help prevent accidents that occur when buildings collapse prematurely.

If they detect any structural issues, the structural engineer will document them, supervise their repair, do another inspection to ensure everything is okay, and then provide advice on how to prevent such issues from recurring.

Site Surveys and Management

Structural engineers will do site surveys while work is going on. This is to ensure that everyone working on the project is following the plan that was laid out before construction began. This is known as site design engineering, and it is especially important for bigger projects.

The structural engineers will also work with the project manager to ensure the supply of the right material that meets the minimum project requirements.

Lastly, they will ensure the delivery of the required supplies will not disrupt the project or endanger the workers as either can lead to delays and increase project costs.

Residential Projects

Apart from their initial development, many people think they will not need a structural engineer again. However, they may be required under specific circumstances, one being structural changes to an existing structure.

If a homeowner wants to remove or change a load-bearing wall or structure, the change has to be assessed and approved by a structural engineer. The structural engineer will work alone or together with a designer and architect depending on the size and scope of the project.

All major renovations require the input of a structural engineer. The load-bearing design of a structure will change once it undergoes major changes, and you need a structural engineer to ensure everything will be fine.

A civil engineer is required for all construction projects, including new ones and renovations that drastically alter the properties of a structure or building. They can also ensure a building is safe and that renovation or additions will not render it unsafe.

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