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What should you know about progressive die stamping?

The stamping process involves placing the flat sheet metal in blank or coil form into the stamping press and then the die surface, as well as the tool, produce the metal in the desired shape. Some of the different stamping techniques that are used for shaping the metal include coining, embossing, punching, bending, blanking, and flanging.

Before the material is formed, the stamping professionals need to design tooling through CAD/CAM engineering. The designs need to be as accurate as possible for ensuring that each of the bends and punch maintains the right clearance and thus optimal part quality. The single tool of the 3D model might contain a lot of parts and hence the designing process can often be complex as well as time-consuming. Once the design of the tool is established, the manufacturer can make use of a wide range of grinding, machining, wire EDM, and other manufacturing services for production.

Tenral is one of the top metal stamping manufacturers

Tenral is one of the top metal stamping manufacturers

There are several manufacturers that provide excellent metal stamping products and services to clients. Before you place your order, it is important to do research on different manufacturers and the quality of products or services that they offer. You can compare their products and also look at the customer reviews for a comprehensive understanding of their quality so that you can make an informed decision.

Tenral is one of the most prominent stamping parts manufacturers with an excellent track record in the industry. The https://www.tenral.com/ initially had limited people and specialized only in the manufacturing of simple metal parts. However, the company has now evolved into a well-functioning enterprise with over 100 people and a host of sophisticated equipment.

The technologies, wide array of manufacturing presses – including sheet metal fabrication, and the valuable experience working with the diverse materials has enabled Tenral to manufacture custom and high precision metal stampings that are used in medical devices, automotive, and electronic industries.

The sheet metal stamping provided by Tenral is a process of producing 2D shapes from the pieces of coiled sheet or blanked metal. The procedure involves the placement of a coiled or blanked sheet in the stamping press where the stamping die or tool having the shape of the specific part is pressed into through the material for creating the net-shape part.

The Tenral is an incredibly reliable metal stamping company with specialization in the manufacturing of simple as well as complex metal stamping parts which forms the basis of the company’s core competitive operations. The company provides the manufacturing of metal parts that the clients need and delivers unmatched metal services as per the customer design, schedule, and budget.

Some of the major services provided by Tenral include progressive die stamping, deep draw stamping, and precision metal spinning amongst others. If you are interested you can read all the terms, policies, and details on available products, materials, and services on the company website.

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