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3 Unique Food Serving Games

By playing food serving games, one can learn about time management and multitasking. They are fun, have smooth attractive graphics, are loaded with tiny intricate features, and can sometimes turn out challenging. Although food serving games have originated several years back, people have gotten really hooked on them. As a result, these games are still in high demand today, which means that millions like to make exotic dishes on their smartphones. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the list of unique cooking games available on mobile operating systems. In the list below, let’s look at the most innovative food serving games:

1. Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef

Imagine traveling to France, Paris to make traditional French dishes for the locals. Cooking Sizzle comes loaded with features and a pleasant setting that players absolutely adore. 

Like most games, it starts slow and simple. But as you progress, you’ll get more and more crowds. Opening a new restaurant with a unique set of food items is no doubt a challenge, especially when it comes to upgrading kitchen appliances. After the completion of a level, you’ll get a golden key. To open a new restaurant, you’ll need 15 of those.

You’ll love the game as it is set in France – the city of love and romance. But what’s romance without extravagant dishes, great coffee, and exotic wine? The game has the best French dishes – croissants, pancakes, a variety of seafood, and mouth-watering desserts. As you progress, you’ll explore different locations focusing on their local signature dishes. 

2. Cooking Fever

With 4.6 million installs on Google Play alone, Cooking Fever is one of the most cooking or food serving games on mobile. You can prepare a diverse range of cuisines for multiple restaurants. Varieties of seafood, sushi, and that juicy New York steak with asparagus – you name it! Unlike most other cooking games, Cooking Fever is grand and its name justifies the gameplay and setup. 

In the game, you’re getting diverse cuisines, a multitude of restaurants, amazing design, vibrant colors, and a challenging spirit. The more you play, the more your business grows, the more customers you’ll get. 

At the beginning of the game, you’ll get a fast food restaurant where you could sell burgers, hotdogs, fries, and soft drinks. You’ll get dynamic customers who will keep you busy. Earn enough money to purchase new restaurants to progress through the game. So, in Cooking Fever you need to do both – prepare food and manage the business. 

3. Star Chef 2 

In Star Chef 2, you can cook street delicacies like hamburgers and hotdogs to the exquisite sushi and lobsters. Hire renowned chefs and serve your super-enthusiastic customers. Decorate your restaurant close to your style and participate in global tournaments to receive the ultimate culinary honor. 

Some unique features of Star Chef 2 include live music, pool parties, celebrity appearances which add to the enjoyment of the game. This is absolutely one of the games in which the concept of food serving games and farming games are combined. What this means is that you can grow and harvest organic ingredients to be used in cooking in your very own backyard. 

3 best farming games

In this section, let’s take a look at some of the best enjoyable farming games you can play on your smartphones. A farming simulation game lets players spend money to plant crops and purchase animals. When the plants grow and the animals are sold for meat, the players earn profits. Using the earned profits, they can grow their farming business. Farming games for mobile platforms are much lighter and simpler than the ones on PC and consoles. So, here are the 3 best farming simulation games you can play on your smartphone:

  1. Big Little Farmer 

Very similar to the legendary game Farmville, Big Little Farmer is a bit different and is playable offline. You have to dig the soil, plant your crops, raise animals, milk them, and harvest the eggs of poultry animals. You can customize the farm and sell the products to gain profits. The game is quite easy and there is a lot of content to be unlocked.  

2.  Hay Day

Hay Day is a very popular farming game that is also larger than most other equivalent games. Here, you can plant crops, tend to livestock, and unlock several buildings and various upgrades. You can also explore the town, run a roadside shop, build your own town, and if you’re bored from all of that, play the in-game fishing game. 

3. Blocky Farm With cartoony graphics, Blocky Farm has a slightly more arcade game feel than most other farming simulation games. You’ll get the classic mechanics of farming crops here. A unique feature is that you can free-drive most of the vehicles and if you are looking for a little adventure, get yourself into trouble. Some other features include fishing, a changing weather system, and offline support. The game is simple and the arcade style adds more fun to it. 

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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