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4 Innovative Technologies Revolutionizing the Food Manufacturing Industry

The unwavering necessity to ensure every single health and safety legislation is adhered to is even more important when dealing with the manufacture and/or distribution of food and drink.

Part of your responsibility as an employee of a company within such an industry is to make it your mission to keep entirely up to date with the latest news. To help you on your way, here are four of the most innovative technologies revolutionizing the food manufacturing industry.

1.   Robotics

The further the progression of artificial intelligence (AI) and the field of data analysis take the food and drink industry, the faster robotics are being integrated into both customer-facing services, as well as the production lines and processes themselves.

There is, however, the well-known moral and ethical issue associated with the introduction of robotics into factories and warehouses which take the place of a hard-working employee, especially in the beverage industry. On the other hand, from the management point of view, it would, of course, mean that your overall labor costs would dramatically reduce over time.

2.   Plant-Based Food Content

Another key innovation when it comes to the food and beverage industry is that as, in recent years, there has been a sizable shift to vegetarianism and vegan meals, specific technologies are now making it possible for fresh vegetables to be processed and go from field to plate a lot faster.

In 2020 alone, protein plant-based alternatives contributed $7 billion in sales and closing the currently prominent gap between the standard of meat-based manufacturing and distribution and plant-based is of top priority.

3.   Extra Installations Focused on Maintenance

Maintenance and monitoring are two of the costliest, yet essential, elements of running a food and beverage factory or distribution plant and, as such, perhaps the most useful of all the latest innovations in the field is that of additional installations which are used for both.

Machinery and equipment with brand-new cleaning in place systems will ensure that you and your employees are much more easily able to access the status reports of each machine and may, therefore, soon be the most popular new addition in factories across the country.

4.   Big Data

The fourth most innovative and impressive technology which is set to further revolutionize the food and drink industry in the future is the usage of big data, with computers and computing technologies being developed to deliberately target, conduct research, and even test manufactured prototypes on the target audience.

Utilizing big data means, amongst a host of other benefits, you and the rest of your senior management team can vastly reduce the frustrating amount of time before signing off on a new product you are ready to start producing and the prototype coming off the production line.

Other key advantages to more effectively utilizing big data within your food manufacturing business include a much more transparent view of your supply chain from top to bottom, substantially improved levels of quality control, and the addition of sentiment analysis.

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