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5 Best Coffee Exporters in The World

It doesn’t matter if you import your coffee from Columbia, or purchase your coffee beans in Australia from Bun Coffee, coffee is one of the top cash crops in the world today and has been for many years. There are countries that have made a killing out of it and have become almost dependent on coffee as their primary export. This means they sell some of the best coffee across the world. Coffee is one of the few beverages with people being too picky about which one they can take and which one to leave. If a country is a top exporter, they have the best. And their coffee is in demand all across the globe. The best exporters of coffee include


Of all the countries that export coffee, Brazil takes centre stage as they account for almost 15.1% of all exported coffee globally. Brazil is primarily a tropical weather country which means their coffee measures up to the best. When it comes to coffee planting, weather amounts to a lot, as coffee does well in particular weather. When you can have coffee grown around the rainforest, the coffee will be of superior quality. Coffee exports in Brazil amount to around $4.6 billion.


Another South American country that is doing well with coffee exports is Columbia. This country, too, has superior brands of coffee as they plant under almost the same conditions as Brazil. Columbia accounts for close to 8.7% of all world coffee exports, half of what Brazil exports. With Columbia, the coffee exports contribute to around $2.6 billion in their economy. This is slightly higher than the next top coffee exporter in the world.


You may not know it, but Switzerland is the third-best coffee exporter in the world today. And it accounts for around 8.3% of the global coffee exports in the world. This is around $2.5 billion of the share of the coffee export market. Over the years, Switzerland has developed better means of coffee planting to compete globally and are well into it.


Across the globe, Vietnam is quite famous for its rice planting and exports. But they, too, hold a significant stake in the coffee export business. Of the market share, Vietnam controls around 8% of all exported coffee worldwide. This number generates around $2.41 billion in coffee exports to the country. The country has come a long way in the coffee market to become a global dominator.


Last, on this list of the top five coffee exporters in the world, today is Germany. The European superpower who has long been revered for its technology, medical prowess and classic cars, also produces the best coffee. Germany, on coffee, controls about 7.9% of all the coffee exported in the world today. That is around $2.37 billion in exports. Those numbers alone make it one of the best coffee exporters in the global market today.

The Coffee Market

There has been a significant shift in coffee exports in the world in the last few years. Above are currently the top five coffee transporters in the world today. They control a considerable share of the global coffee market and make billions of dollars in the process.

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