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How to Solve Problems by Calculating the Surface Area of the Cube?

The surface area of cube is the total area of outside surfaces of the cube and will be given by six into edge Square. The cube will always have six identical square faces which is the main reason that it is also referred to as a hexahedron. Every facet of the cube will have four edges and there will be 12 edges into the cube which will be measured in terms of a square unit. 

To find out the surface area of cube individuals need to apply this particular formula which is the six into “a” square where “a” stands for the side length of the cube.  

Surface area can be utilised for finding out different kinds of things which are proportional to the surface area for example how much cloth will it take to cover a particular object, how much wallpaper will it take to paper a particular room, how quickly the object will lose or gain heat, how much material is required to make an item of clothing, how many materials do the individuals need to clad the outside of a building or tile a particular roof. Hence, the cube is a very common shape that people see and use in their day to day life and the calculation of surface area and volume of cube is well known to solve different kinds of purposes in human life which is the main reason that these formulas are not only helpful in academics but also very much helpful in daily life.

Calculating the surface area of the cube is very much important because this is the sum of all the area of all the shapes that cover the surface of the shape of the object. In the cases of the cube will be six faces and the surface area will be the total of the area of six faces.

The shape of the cube is very well utilised in different kinds of real-life applications and some of those applications are mentioned as follows which are also based upon calculating the surface area of the cube so that several kinds of decisions are made. 

  • Ice cubes are the most commonly available cubes that people face every day and this might be very much important because sometimes it becomes very hard to survive the scorching heat without drinking a handful of ice cubes to cool the drinks. So, this is the most common utilisation of cube in human life.
  • This is also very well utilised in different kinds of games and the rolling dice will never fail to render the excitement and tension into the family players. This is another very common example of the cube being utilised by people in their day to day life.
  • Sugar cubes are another very common example that will make tea and coffee very much fascinating and tasty. Sugar cubes are the most commonly used sweetener in the daily life of individuals.
  • Rubik cube is another very important commonly used cube-shaped in the life of the individuals and this was also a very interesting toy for the kids.
  • The old iron lockers are also normally cube-shaped and to paint them it is very much important for the people to calculate the surface area to ensure how much paint will be required. These kinds of lockers are very well utilised by the people to keep their money, jewellery and other expensive items.
  • A gift box is also very easily available in the cube form and this is considered to be one of the interesting items available for people which justify the presence of cubes in their day to day life.
  • The kid’s blocks are also cubical in shape and help in providing them with structural stability to the whole infrastructure the kids are playing with.

Hence, being aware of all these formulas and tricks to solve them is very much important for the people which are only possible with the help of Cuemath and the professional guidance of experts over there.

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