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5 CRM Software You Can Use For Your Real Estate Business

The real estate business is focused on selling property. But this process isn’t as simple as you may think. On the one hand, it means developing relationships with sellers, buyers, brokers, official institutions, and so on. On the other hand, a house or an apartment is a very unusual product to sell. 

That’s why using CRM software for real estate becomes a great way to optimize the relationships between all parties inside this business. Experts understand that modern technologies https://jatapp.com/industries/real-estate-software-development-services/ can discover new horizons for professional activity. And an operational CRM is a key to success in this industry. 

What is a CRM in Real Estate in 2022

Realtors always have plenty of obligations and require proper instruments to improve their professional activity. In such a case a real estate CRM is the most appropriate opportunity to reach new heights. CRM is that kind of software that is meant to manage communication with clients and increase productivity. It literally means “customer relationship management” and covers a variety of challenges. 

As a result, integrating CRM systems in the property business dicrovers many advantages for users. So a good app is worth investment for sure. Here are several examples of tasks you can manage:

– attract more leads. Getting new clients is essential if you desire to make your real estate company grow. They will allow you to scale your revenue by increasing your presence on the market;

– encourage existing clients. You can spend less time and effort on attracting new customers by keeping in contact with your current customers. They will use your help because of positive previous experience so you don’t need to advertise your services;

– appraise your prior clients. If your customers are happy with your assistance they will gladly recommend your services to other people. This is the best and free advertisement that doesn’t require you to spend extra time and money on encouraging new customers.

If you were wondering what does CRM mean in real estate then now you have your answers. You can definitely use such a tool to scale your business and reach more revenue from selling property. 

The Top-rated CRM Options For Real Estate 

Trying a CRM system in such a business is an extremely beneficial idea for all parties in real estate transactions. This is a fact that doesn’t require confirmation. So the next step is to select a proper app for your professional activity and take advantage of it. Let’s share the list of the most popular and useful software for such purposes. 

1. Pipedrive

This is an impressive web-based solution with a mobile app. At the moment, its audience includes more than 90 thousand customers in the world. It contains many important features, has an intuitive interface, and flexible navigation. The main focus of this software is sales strategy with an opportunity to manage your leads. All users may contact team support 24/7. 

How much does it cost to use Pipedrive? The essential plan starts at $12.50 per month, the advanced one costs $24.90, and the professional account costs $49.90. The enterprise package is quite pricey – it is $99. 

2. Real Geeks

If a realtor wants to have the all-in-one software for all the real estate tasks by hand, then Real Geeks may be a top pick. This is a comprehensive and functional solution for marketing and sales that has anything you may need. It has integration with Facebook, a built-in SMS interface, and many other innovative features. For this reason, Real Geeks is used as the best CRM for real estate by professional agents all over the world. 

How much does it cost to use Real Geeks? The fee starts at $299 per month for 2 users. You can connect more agents by paying an extra fee of $25 for each user. 

3. LionDesk

Running a business always causes lots of stress. If you experience such issues then you should try LionDesk. This CRM system is focused on helping users manage their professional activity stress-free and still reach the best results in the housing market. You may enjoy 100+ available integrations including Facebook, MailChimp, and so on. 

How much does it cost to use LionDesk? There are 3 available plans: starter costs $25 or $21 per month (if paid annually), PRO+ costs $49 or $42, and Elite costs $99 or $83. 

4. Zoho

If you require high customization then you should try Zoho. This software allows real estate agents to create a unique platform to develop productivity to a brand new level. Among its most important features are the opportunities to use integrations, automate tasks, make dashboards, etc. But users say that the top option is Zia – a unique Zoho assistant. It helps to manage your duties and saves a lot of time. 

How much does it cost to use Zoho? You can use a free plan for 1-3 users but don’t expect high customization. Among paid plans are Standard that costs $12 per month, Professional ($20 per month), and Enterprise ($35 per month). Such prices are fixed if you pay annually. 

5. Salesmate

It is also possible to use a versatile and affordable program for your business. Salesmate confirms this statement. This is the top real estate CRM because with its features you’ll be capable of using the sales sequences feature, Google Suit, and many other custom add-ons. 

How much does it cost to use Salesmate? If you pay annually, the prices are $12-40 per month. If you pay every month then the prices are $15-50. Also, you are able to try this software for free for 15 days without using your credit card. 

As you can see, you should pay much attention to your sales funnel and CRM real estate meaning directly suit your goals. The only barrier you may face is what app to choose among a variety of options available. You require a customized, cost-effective, and comprehensive solution. 

Don’t worry, the listed above examples of professional software will suit your expectations. Just try one or several apps, so you can pick up the best one for your professional activity!

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