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5 Standout Features of NetSuite OpenAir vs Core BQE

Businesses today need reliable technology to take care of their specific needs. There are several popular project management solutions in the market and most of them are cloud-based. It is important for buyers to know how they compare against each other in order to make the right choice. NetSuite is a leading cloud computing solution that has been around for decades and has thousands of customers around the world. BQE Core is also an established engineer that tracks projects, billings, and hours in one window. This article compares NetSuite OpenAir vs Core BQE to help readers decide which one is better for them.

NetSuite OpenAir

Netsuite OpenAir provides multiple services to different industries including marketing, beauty, healthcare, energy, retail, and education. It includes a diverse range of features that can be customized according to the specific requirements of the team.


NetSuite OpenAir is a complete ERP solution that helps users with financial management, supply chain management, accounting, inventory management, and business management. It combines all the modules in one platform that can be used to create specific plans, design budgets, analyze progress, and evaluate the forecast. It is also easier to manage the currencies, follow the tax rules, and report the results from different geographical subsidiaries and locations.


One similarity between NetSuite OpenAir vs Core BQE is that accounting is a key function for both software. It is easier to organize the process through the same window where you manage projects. OpenAir helps users maintain a full ledger which means there is no reason to enter the details manually. An account of all details can be kept and the categories will be customized according to account type or reporting segments. The users can also manage local or international taxes from the same platform. They can optimize payment methods for their customers and include further details in the form.


NetSuite OpenAir can provide a complete view of the vendors, partners, customers, and other prospects. The marketing process is also automated through the software and users can target, build, or execute their campaigns with ease. There is no need to waste time and the prices or quotes can be configured according to the system when generating prices.

HR Management 

Payroll and other Human Resource procedures can be simplified with NetSuite because it updates accounts in real-time. The information is managed with the HR feature and all employee goals or performance overview can be handled with ease.


The difference between NetSuite OpenAir vs Core BQE is that OpenAir allows users to enter data even in offline mode. They can add critical details for their projects and organize them according to the category. It also allows tracking of projects based on their phases or tasks. NetSuite provides multiple features for manufacturing industries like shop floor management and product costing.

BQE Core

There are several important features included in Core BQE that help deal with the accounting procedures, manage projects and maximize the potential of any business.


Accounting can be comprehensive and precise with the help of cloud feeds and invoices. It is easier to minimize the time spent on generating each form with Core BQE. The invoice process is streamlined and billing tasks can be processed within a matter of minutes. The cloud feed option can link everything to the bank account or credit card provider. Users can also download a copy of their transaction and eliminate the frequency of errors in the process.

Software Integration

To cover maximum project management options, Core BQE provides access to the APIs as well. Users can customize their own integration. The software supports synchronization with Google, One Drive, Box and helps teams make their payments through ClientPay, LawPay, and CPA Charge. Core also has a running partnership with QuickBooks which means they work together seamlessly. The platform also reduces the number of repetitive tasks with automation options.

HR Management

BQE Core has several features which make HR management effortless for the employees. The dedicated HR module can help automate tasks, calculate overtime payments, tally the time-off balance, track employee milestones, and view salary history. The software is designed to save time and cut down the number of hours spent on paperwork by a typical firm.

Time Tracking

When it comes to NetSuite OpenAir vs BQE Core, it is important to discuss their time tracking abilities. Core provides different ways to track the time spent on projects and BQE integrates all the data into a single timesheet. The viewing options include custom data range and users can make sure they are following a path that helps them complete the task before the deadline. It captures time for projects as a whole and calculates time off. There are different ways to control every aspect of work with BQE and make sure it contributes to the end product.


A customized dashboard provides users with a simple way to make sure they have quick access to all important tasks. The dashboards can be shared with others to maintain a culture of accountability. Since users have access to the information in real-time, they can prevent potential loss in business. There is a widget on the dashboard that calculates the income statements, profit, loss, and other factors to compare them with other projects or previous years.


NetSuite OpenAir pricing for the small to medium business suite starts at $399 per month with an additional $49 per user per month. The basic Core BQE plan starts at $7.95 per user per month which makes it the more affordable option.

Final Words

Concluding the NetSuite OpenAir vs Core BQE debate it is safe to say that both include a wide range of features related to project management. They assist with the accounting process and provide a number of software integration options. OpenAir is more customizable when it comes down to it but both platforms have the ability to change how users handle invoicing and budgeting.

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