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What is the difference between a global and international business MBA?

Business schools worldwide offer more opportunities for students aspiring to pursue a management degree with a global outlook by facilitating them with a Global MBA and international MBA. The regular Master of Business Administration(MBA) programmes have become a prevalent academic course because an MBA offers many employment opportunities and boosts career growth.

As the world progresses toward a better and more efficient way of living, so is the higher education offered to students. Today, there is a range of MBA specialisations available to students to choose the one that can best match their future objectives. International and Global MBA programmes are now available for students aspiring to pursue an MBA with a global focus. But if you think global and international MBA is the same, you must know that while they might seem at par on the surface, they serve very different educational functions and purposes.

Are you considering opting for an MBA that can offer you a global perspective? Then keep reading this article. This article will assist you in understanding the difference between the two MBAs, so you make a well-informed decision.

What is a Global MBA?

A Global MBA programme refers to an advanced degree course with a diverse student body and offers education of a global standard, structure, and curriculum. Global MBA programs focus on bringing together students from different regions under one umbrella.

Purpose of a Global MBA

A global MBA programme offers a global perspective to students with a comprehensive understanding of the working of business management. Through this course, the students can gain advanced knowledge of functioning efficiently in the international economy and managing multinational companies. A global MBA offers unique aspects, such as an enriching learning environment, immense career opportunities, and allows for interaction with a diverse group.

What is an International MBA?

International MBA programmes are designed to help students understand the business acumen in the international business landscape and its influence on the world market.

Purpose of an International MBA

The international MBA programmes allow students to experience education in a foreign country to immerse themselves in different cultures. There are many benefits of pursuing an international MBA. It is one of the most sought-after academic courses because it can expand your horizons, offer better networking prospects, and an entrepreneurial push.

Differences between the International MBA and Global MBA

The differences between the two MBA programmes can be stated based on the following factors:

Location: International MBA programmes are delivered in overseas business schools to allow students to understand the economy of different countries better. In contrast, global MBA programs can be efficiently taught in a local setting.

Curriculum: Both MBAs reflect a major difference in their curriculum. Global MBA programmes allow students to hone skills in any global business setting. But in an international MBA  programme, the focus remains on equipping the students with the understanding of international business functions through a vast course.

Diversity: Global MBA programmes are more diverse in a local setting.Business schools have a mix of local and international students for the global MBA programme. The motive behind this is to have a culturally diverse class profile and offer opportunities for students to build their network while learning the importance of communication. But in the international MBA programme, the class doesn’t essentially have a diverse culture. Instead, the students live in a different country where they adapt to culture according to its setting.

Several factors such as faculty team, diversity in class profile, multiple locations of the business, course material, and students’ opportunities after graduation define an MBA program. International MBA and Global MBA come from different roots. Thus students must opt for the one that best matches their professional aspirations.

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