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6 Career Options for People Who Are Self-Starters

Whether you want to leave your current job or want to run your own business, self-employment often gives professionals more freedom and flexibility than experience working directly for a company. Self-employment allows you to work very little or as often as you want because you set your own prices and hours.

Working for yourself may be the best option for anyone who wants to learn about entrepreneurship or for parents who want to spend more time at home. It may also be the best option for students who just want to work around a class schedule. One advantage of self-employment is the ability to create and thrive on your own opportunities. Another option is to look for employers who are looking for freelancers.

You can use the online assignment help for salaries blog to figure out how much to start charging for your services but bear in mind that you may need to change based on your level of experience, the cost of living in your area, and taking into account the self-employment tax.

What exactly is a self-starter?

Self-starters are experts who take the initiative, work without supervision, and start projects on their own. They typically contain the following expertise. Below expertise is gathered from the course writing service, go through each one of them.

Motivation: Self-starters feel compelled to act in the workplace without additional prompting from managers.

Confidence: Self-starters frequently trust their gut instinct about the way they behave at work, allowing them to complete specific tasks without hesitation when necessary.

Ambition: Setting and completing tasks motivates these professionals. They also understand when to set higher goals for themselves and their team while remaining realistic.

Resilience: Self-starters understand how to overcome obstacles and find alternate solutions to achieve goals. They are also better at adapting to the changes and revising personal processes to increase efficiency.

At any stage of your career and in any industry, you can be a self-starter. As your career progresses, use your skills to take on new leadership roles.

Six career options for self-starters

Predicting which careers will thrive in our post-Covid world is difficult (Stahl, 2021). Here are 17 of the best self-employed positions that are currently available to help you decide which is best for you.

Table of content

  • Graphic designer
  • Photographer
  • Social media expert
  • Makeup artist
  • Event organizer
  • Nanny
  1. Graphic designer

National average hourly salary: $18.23.

Job duties: Graphic designers use software to produce unique graphics for use in print and digital advertisements, websites, and other projects. They also help businesses in developing logos and other branding collateral.

Required Skills: Design and color theory knowledge, as well as proficiency with design software programs, are required.

  1. Photographer

National average hourly salary: $14.45.

Job Duties: Photograph people, places, and objects for organizations or individuals using cameras and photography equipment. Wedding photographers, photojournalists, wildlife photographers, and others typically specialize in one or more areas. In most cases, photographers must have their own equipment.

Required Skills: You should have a strong background in manual digital photography, as well as have lots of experience in photo editing and photo-editing software.

  1. Social media expert

National average hourly salary: $13.92.

Job Duties: Social media specialists’ roles include managing and growing a following on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others by implementing marketing strategies.

Required Skills: They usually work for organizations or public figures. You should have a thorough understanding of social media marketing, including how to drive paid and organic social media engagement, as well as the ability to analyze analytics, set goals, and report on performance.

  1. Makeup artist

National average hourly salary: $20.32

Job Duties: Makeup artists are responsible for applying makeup to models and actors, as well as preparing people for weddings, proms, and other formal events. Prosthetics may also be used by special effects makeup artists to achieve a specific look.

Required Skills: You must be well-versed in cosmetology best practices and understand how to use various cosmetics to achieve various aesthetics. Some customers may require you to have a cosmetology license.

  1. Event organizer

National average salary: $34,741 per year.

Job Duties: An event organizer manages all aspects of an event, such as a wedding or organizational function. Their main duties include booking a venue, arranging catering and entertainment, and supervising event setup and post-event cleanup.

Required Skills: You must have exceptional organizational and communication skills, as well as a deep understanding of event management. Therefore, clients also favor working with event planners who have developed relationships with regional suppliers.

  1. Nanny

National average hourly salary: $13.03

Job Duties: Nannies provide childcare in a client’s home and are responsible for organizing activities, assisting with schoolwork, and supervising playtime. Additionally, nannies may help with household chores, drive kids to and from extracurricular activities and school, give baths, and put them to bed.

Required Skills: You must have prior experience in childcare and child safety, as well as some knowledge of childhood development. Some clients may demand you be CPR certified.

Tips for working as a self-starter

As a self-starter, you are effective in finding solutions and addressing workplace conflicts. Here are five strategies for becoming a self-starter at work:

  • Accept challenges
  • Get used to being uncomfortable.
  • Increase your expectations.
  • Concentrate on the positive outcomes.
  • Encourage collaboration.

Bottom line

Indeed, making a career in a small business is a hard nut to crack (Sarandon, 2019). These are just a few of the best self-employment opportunities, but if you’re curious to know how to work for yourself, there are many more. There are many self-employed jobs available for job seekers with almost any need, skill set, or educational background, whether you’re interested in eventually starting your own business or you just want to make a little extra money outside of regular employment.

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