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7 Men’s Fashion Trends That Shouldn’t Work (But Do)

We went back to the basics with a seasonal edit of wardrobe essentials from drop crotch joggers, men’s knitwear, and puffer jackets to camo parkas, printed tees, and lightweight blazers.

As we’re well aware, trends can come and go at a pace that feels like you barely had time to catch the note of one before it’s suddenly old news. We often see styles that gain momentum and become part of our day-to-day working lives only for certain looks to fall out of favor as quickly as they arose; those trends which can instantly date an outfit or make you look like you tried too hard (even if you actually didn’t). But as it dwells in the fashion world’s way, some unlikely trends just won’t go away.

1. The Wristwatch as a Necklace

The first button-up that you wore immediately after college graduation was likely accompanied by a wristwatch. It has been the go-to accessory for many years, adding formality to your look and allowing you to keep track of time. However, there is a new trend in men’s fashion that suggests wearing a watch as a necklace! This not only looks chic but can also be very convenient if you’re looking for something quick to grab when getting dressed in the morning. If you don’t believe us check out TV shows like “Suits” or “Scandal” where this look seems to be popular among stylish characters!

2. The Floral Shirt

Even though it reads a bit girly, this fashion trend is actually not that far off from your standard polo shirt. Many men have a great pair of jeans to wear with a classic tee but fall short when looking for an alternative top to complete their outfit for the day. A floral shirt can add some spice and flair to any look while still maintaining a very put-together appearance! It’s best to style this fashion piece with dark denim and sleek shoes; you want to make sure that it does not read too feminine! 

3. The Sweatshirt as a Suit Jacket

This look is not for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of standing out in a crowd! While it caught its momentum with rappers and skaters across America, this has become more of a classic look around the world! Who would have thought that up-and-coming fashionistas will be wearing suits made up of three pieces? A blazer, shirt, and pants are paired with a longline sweatshirt material are worn over top to give off an edgy vibe. If you’re looking to try this trend but don’t want to go all out then simply swap out the sweatshirt for your favorite basic denim jacket.

4. The Polo Shirt with Dress Shorts

It’s always in style to wear your polo shirt with some chino shorts or pants when it comes to casual dressing, but this look has just become unexpectedly more formal! Some of the biggest designers at luxury brands like Gucci and Ferragamo have sent models down the runway wearing this combination, showing that it can be worn out in real life too. If you don’t want to get caught wearing sneakers with dress shorts then switch them up for a pair of loafers or oxfords instead–these shoes are more sophisticated and will make you feel dressed up without having to break the bank on an actual suit!

5. The Lumbersexual Look

This style is exactly what it sounds like; the lumberjack look has become popular in today’s fashion world! The flannel shirt, boots, and facial hair are all staples of this trend. This outfit pulls inspiration from the outdoorsman’s style with a modern twist. Now you can get your hands on flannels that come in different colors other than blue and green.

6. Statement Socks

Not only have socks evolved from being plain white to having fun designs and patterns but they have also taken over as an accessory for both casual and formal wear! You can purchase statement socks at most retailers or simply make your own by cutting up some colorful fabric. It offers a dynamic way to add personality any outfit while keeping your feet warm and looking stylish.

7. The Down Jacket as a Blazer

The best way to describe this look is “the power ranger look”! It’s not that the down jacket doesn’t have its place during the winter months, but it should be left at home when getting dressed for a night out. If you’re going to wear one as a blazer then try pairing it with a pair of jeans or chino pants instead of dress slacks so it doesn’t read too formal. While walking the streets of New York City last winter I constantly saw men wearing jackets like these and thought they were just having some fun with fashion, however now I know why they looked so fresh! We hope you enjoyed our article on some of the most fashionable trends we’ve seen so far in 2017 and we hope this article was helpful to show you how some of these looks can be worn!

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