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8 Tips for Profitable Betting on African Soccer

Africa’s obsession with soccer is well-known. Kids kick the ball in the streets of every country on the continent, and stars like Samuel Eto’o have played for the most famous teams in the world. Now, as the Cup of Nations is still in progress, fans have a plethora of opportunities to monetize their foresight. We will help you make strategic bets and win.

Betting on any sport including soccer is often stressful. Become an expert with an online casino NZ and take advantage of four proven strategies. We cannot guarantee you to win100% of the time, but you are bound to improve the odds if you follow these tips.

  • Follow Reliable Tipsters

Naturally, not every expert is willing to share their knowledge with others — even for a fee. Professional tipsters with a positive and long track record can provide a wealth of useful tips, data, and insights. You can find skilled bettors on special tipster platforms.

Tipsters are incentivized to deliver trustworthy information, as it is the only way for them to retain subscribers. Do research with due diligence before following anyone, though.

Pick candidates with at least 500 tips and odds over 1.6. Some users can be followed for free, others require a subscription. On average, following a tipster will cost you around 10-25 euros or US dollars per month.

  • Use Sites with Predictions Based on Stats

Register on websites that analyze tens of thousands of matches annually. As they aggregate wealth of information, they generate predictions based on irrefutable historic data. All predictions are shown as percentages. The service is not free, but there is usually a trial period.

Statistics are crucial for successful betting. Choose trustworthy sources of information and make informed decisions. On the biggest websites with soccer stats, every percentage is based on tens of thousands of outcomes.

  • Try Arbitrage Betting

Like matched betting, arbing includes betting on every outcome, so it is simply impossible to lose. Even free arbitrage betting software can help you achieve impressive results.

Here is the main principle: find an overpriced outcome on one site and cover the other outcome via a different bookmaker. Savvy bettors take advantage of skewed odds or betting lines.

Due to fierce competition in the industry, many sportsbooks have to provide better odds and bonuses. Websites show different information regarding the same matches and teams. These discrepancies are exploited by arbitrage bettors.

The only drawback is that bookmakers have started banning users suspected of benefiting from arbitrage. To stay safe, pick bets where arbitrage opportunities are under 0%, meaning that the guaranteed return is zero. In this case, you can only lose a minor portion of your wager.

  • Add Matched Betting

Matched betting is another profitable strategy you could add to arbing. It is based on the use of free bets and welcome bonuses from bookmakers. You need to place a bet with the bonus and cover the other outcome. Regardless of the actual result, you will still get the bonus. Match betting and arbing are the safest strategies available.

  • Follow a Staking Strategy

Do not place bets randomly. Even wagering the same amount on every event is better than having no system!

  • Narrow Down Your Focus

Gain as much knowledge about soccer as possible. While you could also try betting on tennis or other sports, specialization is more likely to bring high profits in the long run. Gradually, you will be able to spot loopholes like wrong odds and overpriced markets.

  • Take a Break After a Loss

Do not chase losses — this is a recipe for disaster. Unless you use mathematical strategies like arbing and match betting, you may encounter long losing streaks. Sometimes, bettors lose 10 or more times in a row. If you find yourself on a losing streak, take a break and do your research better instead of betting impulsively.

  • Steer Clear of Parlay Bets

A parlay is a combination of two or more individual bets, where every result matters. Unless all of the bets win, you lose. This makes parlay one of the riskiest types of wagers in any sport. A single incorrect prediction can wipe out your entire stake.

To Sum up

The safest betting strategies are based on mathematics. With arbing and match betting, you are guaranteed to see positive results. Be careful and don’t get greedy, though, as bookmakers can limit your account.

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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