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Aesthetic Social Environment: Pet-friendly Turf & Playground Equipment

Artificial grass is one of the many alternatives for creating beautiful landscaping of indoor and outdoor spaces. It is the best replacement for natural grass in residential and commercial areas as it increases the aesthetic appeal of the space. They can be installed in indoor or outdoor lawns, playgrounds, sports fields, etc along with the benefit of minimum maintenance as compared to natural grass. It does not require watering, pest control, mowing, or fertilising.

Pet-friendly turf is manufactured from UV-stabilised polyethylene or polypropylene fibres, attached to flexible polyurethane thermosetting polymer, which can be easily installed and is amazingly durable. These polymers make it resistant to UV radiations, extreme heat or cold climates, along with helping maintain a lush green appearance all year around.

The growing need for beautification of residential places as well as place of work has increased the requirement of Artificial turfs, because of its consistency in colour and natural-like appearance, and has also proven to be an amazing alternative to achieve lively landscape.

Artificial Grass does not require watering, hence is helpful for saving water resources for places having water scarcity. Like natural grass, artificial turfs does not hold pollens, dust or allergens and is made of non-harmful materials, providing a safer and healthier pet-friendly turf. It also does not require any kind of herbicides or pesticides for protection from insect manifestation.

Artificial grass being low-maintenance requires occasional brushing and rinsing for removing the dust accumulated over a period of time. To maintain the integrity of these lawns, occasional patch work needs to be done on the wear and tears, if any.

Synthetic Grass resembles natural turfs, they provide a realistic texture, feel, shades as that of natural grass. It is made from non-biodegradable materials, which can be a concern for some environmentally-conscious individuals.

The installation process of these turfs is also very easy. Preliminarily the site needs to be cleared from existing weeds, grass or debris; then a layer of beaten stone and withered granite is laid over. Rolls of the artificial grass is then laid over the base, cropped to fill the area. The seams between the rolls are then adhered together to produce a coherent look. Silica sand or subber granules are then spread all over the grass to provide weight and stability to the grass.

Playground Equipments is another important component in places like schools, children care centres, parks, playgrounds, recreational spaces designed for children, etc. These equipments are designed to encourage social interaction, creativity, physical activity in children, and to have fun as well. 

Different kinds of playground equipments are designed to develop different kinds of activity in the child. Benefits of some of the equipments are described as under:

  • Swings: Help improve the coordination, balance and spatial awareness.
  • Slides: Enhances balance and coordination, reduces fear of heights, provides a sense of thrill, encourages climbing ability.
  • Climbing Structures: Builds strength of upper body, improves motor skills, enhances problem solving skills.
  • Seesaws: Helps in development of leg muscles, educates balance and cooperation

These Playground Equipments are manufactured keeping many safety measures in consideration. They are typically made from durable plastics, metals or wood with rounded edges, non-slip and flake proof surfaces. Sand, wood chips, rubber mulch like soft surfaces are used as cushion falls to prevent injuries. They are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the safety and functionality of the equipment. Playground equipments are designed as per ages groups to ensure safety and suitability.

In conclusion, Artificial Turfs have been a wonderful substitute for natural grass for aesthetic landscaping. Artificial Lawn Perth being eco-friendly and easy to maintain helps to mitigate the maintenance cost and additional endeavors required to maintain natural lawns. Whereas, playground equipment perth play an important role in development of the physical, mental, cognitive and emotional well-being of the child by engaging them in various activities.

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