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How SMS Marketing can be beneficial for Restaurant Owners 

SMS marketing for restaurants helps with customer relationship management. It provides direct and immediate communication, that creates a sense of urgency and influences the decision-making process of the consumer. With high engagement rates, SMSs boast a 98% open rate, which is much better than emails. This cost-effective method allows you to reach a broader customer base. By sending personalized messages, you can promote customer loyalty and make them feel special. EasyEat simplifies the process, enabling effortless campaign setup and management. Let’s explore how EasyEat can enhance your marketing efforts through its unique features and campaign options.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Direct and Immediate Communication – You can send direct messages to your customers by using SMS Marketing and this might help create a sense of urgency which makes them prone to paying a visit to your restaurant. 

High engagement rates– SMSs have an opening rate of 98% and people are more likely to open SMS than emails which gives them a higher probability of acting on those SMSs.

Cost Effective– You can promote your restaurant and convey important messages to the masses using very little money. For example, EasyEat charges only 0.1RM/SMS. 

Retention of customers– You can promote customer loyalty by sending them personalized messages. You can make them feel special by sending messages with coupon codes on their birthdays or anniversaries. This will let them know that you think about them often and make them want to continue coming to your restaurant. 

Easy to implement– You can set up SMS campaigns using EasyEat very easily and this will let you send messages to your customers with just a few clicks. 

Now let’s see how EasyEat will help you in sending promotional messages to your customers and what its unique features are.EasyEat lets you send one-time campaigns and automated campaigns. Not only this but you will also be able to monitor the performance of these campaigns by checking their analytics

One-Time Campaigns and Automated Campaigns

This type of campaign will let you send offers and limited-time menu items to your customer groups on special events like Merdeka Day, Ramadan, etc. You can choose from campaigns like win back lost customers and welcome new customers. In the welcome new customer campaign, you can decide the time at which you want to send the message. For example, if you want a customer should get the welcome after 10 minutes of their first order placement you can set the time accordingly. 

You can decide how long the message will be sent to the customers since their last purchase. For example, if a customer hasn’t ordered for 2 weeks you can schedule to send a SMS to them. 

EasyEat helps in customer segmentation because of which you can send multiple messages to multiple customer groups and schedule them prior too. This will help you treat each customer group differently and will help in making them feel special. 

You can decide the maximum amount of money that you want to spend on these campaigns. For example, if you want to spend 100RM in a month on these campaigns then the SMS won’t be sent once the budget is exhausted. 

If you own multiple outlets, then you can decide which restaurants will have these campaigns. This will help you in promoting those restaurants that aren’t doing comparatively well. You can make your customers feel special by sending custom promo codes to your customers and you can do this by using this one-time campaign option. 

In summary, SMS marketing is a highly effective strategy to engage with your customers directly. The major pros are immediate communication, high engagement rates, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to increase customer loyalty through personalized messages. EasyEat lets you create both one-time and automated campaigns, manage budgets, and analyze performance. By utilizing EasyEat’s bulk SMS marketing features, you can send timely offers, welcome new customers, and remind those customers who haven’t engaged in a long time, ensuring your marketing efforts are on point. Embrace the power of SMS marketing with EasyEat to enhance customer relationships and boost your restaurant’s success. Read more on ( https://blog.easyeat.ai/ )

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