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Are CBD oil and Hemp Oil the Same Thing?

Came across a CBD oil that is labelled “infused with hemp oil”? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the cannabis jargon? Don’t worry; we, Best CBD oil Australia, are here to explain the difference between CBD oil, hemp oil and a few other things in this brief. We reckon the best way to go about this is to differentiate between CBD oil and hemp oil based on their chemical makeup, production methods and the value they bring to the table. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to the action straight away!

CBD oil vs. Hemp Oil: The Chemistry  

Both CBD oil and hemp oil come from the hemp plant. You can think of the hemp plant as a cousin of the cannabis plant with very low THC (psychoactive) and high CBD (non-psychoactive) percentages. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. On the other hand, CBD oil is extracted using the entire hemp plant. No wonder you will often find it labelled as a whole plant extract. CBD oils commonly feature carrier oils, such as olive oil. CBD oils can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or phytocannabinoid. No such distinction exists for hemp oils.

Production Method

CBD oil production involves using the entire hemp plant and subjecting it to high-tech techniques like supercritical fluid extraction. It is also possible to extract CBD oil using solvent-based extraction techniques as well. The CBD extract typically has a shade between light golden to dark brown. On the other hand, hemp oil is typically produced using the cold-press extraction technique. Only hemp seeds are used for their production, and the extract is typically green and dark. Compared to CBD oil, which has an earthly flavor, hemp seed oil has a somewhat nutty flavor.


By value, we mean the uses and the purposes. What good does buying either of these oils do for you? Well, hemp oil first finds many uses in different beauty products. For example, it regularly features hair and skincare products. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you spot it in a salad or something; it has culinary uses too.

In contrast to that, CBD oil tinctures are not that randomly used. The primary purpose behind purchasing a CBD oil product can be to alleviate chronic pain symptoms or manage anxiety/insomnia/depression. CBD oils are typically consumed in a sublingual manner.

Where to purchase CBD oil in Australia? Does Chemist Warehouse Sell CBD Oil?

The Australian CBD oil market is expanding, just like it is in other parts of the world. So, where can you find some of the best CBD oil Australia? There are many places where you can purchase CBD isolate Australia. CBD Oil Australia happens to be one of the best stores for cannabis products in Australia. Great products and a great perspective on CBD oil are guaranteed on this platform for you. On an optimistic note, that you learned plenty from this brief, we bid you farewell from this brief! 

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