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Are Desktop slots as advanced as mobile slots?

You really do have to hand it to the global casino industry, as the last few centuries have been extraordinarily productive. Back in the 17th century, the Venetians had the cracking idea to set up a genuine state-regulated gambling house, and so the age of the casino was born! Over the next few years, things would go from strength to strength, before ultimately arriving at the all-conquering 21st-century online casino industry. 

Online casinos are without a doubt the most successful part of the entire gambling industry, and there is one main reason for this: the invention of online slots! Whilst slot machines were incredibly popular during the latter half of the 20th century, online slots have taken things to the next level – click over here to play slots.

Something that people tend to ask is whether desktop slots are as advanced as mobile slots, and we’re about to find out… 

A quick history of online slots 

Before we get into answering the question of whether desktop slots are as advanced as mobile slots it is very worth taking a quick look at the history of online slots as a whole, because this can give us vital knowledge needed to answer the question. The online slot story really begins in the 1980s, where developers figured out how to use RNGs to create video slots for the first time. 

This was vital, as RNGs (Random Number Generators) are absolutely central to how online slots work as well. We would have to wait a couple more decades for online slots to arrive, however, as these came right at the beginning of the 21st century. Before too long there were hundreds of online slot titles for gamblers to choose from, with developers like Microgaming, Eyecon, and NetEnt all taking important positions in the growing industry. 

Some things that needed to be cracked for mobile slots to work 

Although mobile slot games can look deceptively simple, there is actually a whole load of complex technology that goes into these mega game. As a matter of fact, if developers hadn’t managed to crack a few essential problems we may never have got mobile slots at all. 

Take a look at some things that needed to be cracked for mobile slots to work: 

HTML5: If you don’t know too much about how the Internet works it can be easy to think that it hasn’t really progressed as a platform since it was set up, however, this certainly isn’t the case at all. For example, without HTML5 technology developers simply didn’t have the necessary digital architecture to make a slot work on a mobile device.

Modern smartphones: Making mobile slots is one thing, but if people didn’t have adequate devices to play them on it didn’t mean anything. This is why the mobile slots industry had to wait for modern smartphones to become standard.

Are desktop slots as advanced as mobile slots? 

So, onto the golden question: are desktop slots as advanced as mobile slots? It is a tricky one because these days both types of slots are as advanced as each other. Although more cutting-edge technology is being discovered in the field of mobile slots. 

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Uneeb Khan
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